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Kia EV3 & EV4 Concepts revealed at its Annual EV Day

At its inaugural EV Day, Kia revealed two new electric design ideas. The EV3 and EV4 designs give a sneak peek at two more affordable battery-electric vehicles that the business intends to release as early as next year.

The enlarged electric vehicle selection from the Korean carmaker is intended to provide buyers a variety of smaller EV alternatives, priced between $30,000 and $80,000. The corporation has high expectations; it plans to sell 1 million electric vehicles by 2026 and anticipates that yearly EV sales would surpass 1.6 million units by 2030.

A little SUV called the EV3 will follow the EV5 in size. The EV4, on the other hand, is advertised as a four-door sedan but features a rear end that is more coupe-like, continuing the segment trend. Both designs place special emphasis on the inside, where natural materials, along with methods that cut carbon emissions, take center stage in Kia's ongoing pursuit of sustainability.

The remainder of Kia's EV Day celebration was devoted to the business's future plans. This entails tackling issues including charging infrastructure, improving client experiences, and offering artificial intelligence (AI) services for usage in vehicles.


Kia EV3

Although there are clearly similarities in the design language between the EV3 and the EV9, Kia bills the EV3 as a scaled-down version of the latter vehicle. While the tiny proportions aren't downplayed in the profile, it is able to soften the sharper lines that are present on its bigger sister from the front.

Along with a set of wheels that closely resemble those seen on the EV9, the side view maintains the harmonious fusion of soft curves and sharp edges that has come to characterize Kia's design philosophy.

Kia describes a cabin in the EV3 concept that encourages "emotional well-being." As a result, there is soft ambient lighting, comfortable seats, and a hint of simplicity.

Inside, there is a lot of sustainability as well. Natural fiber, which is used to make the chairs, is advertised as having an extraordinarily robust structure and producing little waste in compared to carbon fiber. In contrast, the central console of the EV3 concept car was "grown" using mycelium from mushroom roots.


Kia EV4

Similar to the Concept EV3, the Concept EV4's external design is anticipated to remain mostly unchanged in the final version.

It adopts the same intricate surface design strategy seen across Kia's electric lineup but adds a more streamlined form with a low nose up front. While Kia's assertion that the EV4 concept "redefines electric saloons" may be overstated, its claim that the profile is reminiscent of sports and racing vehicles is more accurate. close to.

The Concept EV4's interior continues the Concept EV3's legacy while using fresh building materials. The EV4's center console is made of hemp fibers rather of mushroom roots, a plant that develops swiftly and needs little resources.

The inside of the Concept EV4 also includes 100% recycled cotton that was organically coloured with madder roots and walnut shells. To give the storage space and dashboard a 3D knit feel akin to the seat coverings in the EV3, designers also included hand-woven cloth stripes.

The Concept EV4 also has a novel 'Mind Modes' function that modifies the ventilation and ambient lighting patterns. For instance, in 'Perform' mode, the driver receives all the information they want for the day in advance. The 'Serenity' option, in contrast, provides a variety of digital visuals to foster a more laid-back atmosphere.


Near to production

Kia has stated that an EV3 small SUV would debut sometime in 2024, but we might have to wait a bit longer for the introduction of the EV4 that is ready for production.

The E-GMP architecture is expected to be used by both the EV3 and EV4, allowing the crossover and sedan to employ the 58 kWh and 77.4 kWh battery pack choices from the bigger EV6.

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