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Kia EV5 | Younger sibling of the EV9

Kia introduced the EV5 concept at its China EV Day, displaying an all-electric small crossover that combines much of the bigger EV9's boxy proportions while also bringing fresh stylistic cues that hint to the Korean brand's future aesthetic direction.

"The contrast and complementarity of natural landscapes and man-made buildings inspires the Kia Concept EV5" stated Karim Habib, president of Kia's Global Design Center. "Designed for those looking for exciting new ideas, the SUV combines emotive form language with innovative, user-focused interior architecture."

With the EV5, Kia used their "opposites together" design concept, combining conflicting aesthetic inspirations to produce a distinctive and futuristic look. Apart from the boxy shape and the 21-inch wheels, the electric crossover features a "Digital Tiger Face" grille at the front, a nod to the Tiger Nose grille featured on the brand's internal combustion cars.

The lighting features that wrap over the grille and around the sides of the front fascia add to the appearance. These lights incorporate Kia's distinctive Star Map signature lighting system, which includes a constellation of connected stars and contributes to the EV5's clean appearance.

Based on what we've seen with the EV9, this concept looks to be really close to manufacturing. Yet, the inside remains fairly conceptual. The interior contains four separate seats that rotate to the outside thanks to the rear suicide doors (like on the production EV9). Meanwhile, in the back, a '90s station wagon-style bench seat emerges from the trunk floor (together with a picnic table) and faces back.

According to Kia, these elements, together with a huge panoramic sunroof, are meant to blur the border between inside and outdoor environments. Meanwhile, the interior colour palette has been developed to relax the inhabitants. A big panoramic touchscreen, on the other hand, is intended to wow tech-savvy automobile purchasers.

Kia claims that eco-friendly materials such as seaweed extract and repurposed PET bottles were utilised for the seats, doors, dashboard, and headliner of the EV5. It has also decided not to use animal leather inside the vehicle.

Kia has stated that the EV5 concept will be produced later this year and will make its premiere in China. While the business claimed that it will make announcements concerning availability in additional areas at a later date, the production EV5 will very certainly be a worldwide model available in various locations, including North America and Europe. Information regarding the EV5's powertrain, electric range, and other features will most likely be revealed when the production model is revealed.

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