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Lexus is developing more EVs to be launched in 2026

In an effort to capitalize on the demand for electric vehicles, Lexus is allegedly preparing to introduce a new all-electric model by 2026.

Koji Sato, the president of both Lexus and Toyota in the future, recently disclosed that Lexus will spearhead Toyota's transition to battery-electric vehicles.

In order to create a next-generation battery EV under the Lexus name, Sato said, "We will optimize everything from batteries and platforms to the manner the car is created for BEVs." "With a BEV-first mentality, we must fundamentally alter how we conduct business in order to produce appealing BEVs, from manufacturing to sales and service. Lexus will be the innovator in this change.

Little more is known about Lexus' next EV. It will continue in the footsteps of the RZ, the brand's first electric vehicle, whose creation Sato was crucial to. In light of the continuous demand for SUVs, it is probable that it will adopt the shape of one.

It will be crucial for Lexus to provide a next-generation EV with a respectable range. The current RZ is propelled by a 71.4 kWh battery pack, which fuels two electric motors that together produce 313 horsepower. The entry-level model has a range of up to 220 miles (354 km), while the more opulent RZ 450e Luxury has a range of only 196 miles (315 km). To better compete with its rivals' EVs, Lexus should aim to enhance this range statistic to at least 300 miles (482 km).

Following Akio Toyoda's shocking resignation announcement, Koji Sato will take over as Toyota's president and chief executive officer as of April 1.

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