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Lexus LF-ZL Concept at Japan Mobility Show

One of the two significant EV ideas that the brand revealed at the Japan Mobility Show is the Lexus LF-ZL. Similar to the LF-ZC, it may represent a sneak peek at a future production model, albeit it might sit above it as a flagship luxury model.

While the LF-ZL is a bit more conventional SUV, it does have numerous features that set it apart from any other SUV that Lexus presently produces. In contrast, the LF-ZC is an interesting hybrid of a sedan and an estate. Similar to the LF-ZC, it is supported by a novel new module structure that divides the vehicle into the front, middle, and rear sections by gigacasting. Additionally, it will drive itself down the production line using just its engine, batteries, tires, and wireless controls.

The LF-ZL Concept Lexus is large. Its dimensions are 2,020 mm (75.9 inches) broad, 5,300 mm (208.6 inches) long, 1,700 mm (66.9 inches) tall, and it has a large 3,350 mm (131.8 inches) wheelbase. The inside is well-equipped with technology to keep residents occupied, and the floor is entirely flat. The yoke steering wheel, which controls the shifter and the different human-driven and self-driving modes, is located in the driver's half of the cabin. It has a small vertical display on the left side of the wheel. After that, a screen such as this one is placed to the right of the wheel and contains media controls. A digital instrument cluster is located right at the base of the windshield.

A large touchscreen panel dominates the passenger side of the interior. All of the car's entertainment systems and other controls will be located on this screen. Additionally, there are now little circular displays in the central console. The front seats are very unconventional for a concept car, and they will almost certainly be modified for production. Even so, it's clear that people in the front will have lots of room to spread out and take in the roomy cabin.

The backstory is comparable. The LF-ZL Concept, as developed by Lexus, has four seats with leg rests and reclining lounge chairs in the back with a little bamboo divider separating the backseaters. Similar to the LF-ZC, the LF-ZL is powered by a novel operating system called Arene, which adapts to the demands of the driver by learning about them and anticipating their needs.

Advanced high-performance batteries with a prismatic structure power the LF-ZL concept. According to Lexus, these batteries' exceptional energy density is achieved by compacting and streamlining the battery architecture. Moreover, these batteries will provide a far longer range than a conventional EV.

Lexus has not confirmed if the LF-ZL will go into production while claiming that it will be a "glimpse into a future where mobility, people, and society are seamlessly connected." This is in contrast to the LF-ZC, which the automaker claims will lead to a production model in 2026.

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