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Mad Max high-sprung SUV | DC2 Volvo XC90

No, this strange-looking apocalyptic vehicle is not from another planet visiting Earth; rather, it was created by Dilip Chhabria’s DC2 studio in our country.

Surprisingly, the coachbuilder changed every body panel on this odd two-door SUV, which was previously a Volvo XC90. Depending on your opinion of the XC90, it may or may not be a good thing, but regardless of personal choice, there is no disputing the fact that it is extremely extravagant.

A broad grille with vivid red hexagons is seen at the front of the unique SUV, along with headlights and LED daytime running lights that have been skillfully blended into these hexagons. Then, DC2 added a clamshell-shaped hood and a basic yet appealing bumper.

DC2, therefore, decided to install two gullwing doors while converting the Volvo from a four-door to a two-door vehicle. Let's face it, gullwing doors on an SUV are not necessary, but they certainly look awesome. There is also a set of aftermarket wheels with red and black finishes and off-road tyres.

Even though the SUV's front is really elegant, the back is completely odd. It has a huge grille area that is quite similar to the front grille, two slim LED taillights, and a light bar. There are also two enormous tailpipes. What is really strange, though, is the rear's overall hefty appearance.

An assortment of common Volvo parts and DC2-made components make up the cabin. For instance, the coachbuilder has covered the seats in vivid red leather while keeping the dashboard, infotainment screen, and steering wheel as Volvo components. Additionally, the second row appears to be considerably smaller than an ordinary XC90 and is also rather gloomy due to the absence of side windows for the passengers in the back.

It is unknown how much DC2 spent converting this XC90, and it is also unknown if it intends to produce further units.

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