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Mahindra Thar.e to Debut on 15th Aug

The Thar.e concept, which will make its debut at Mahindra's "Futurescape" conference on August 15 in Cape Town, South Africa, was partially teased in an official teaser.

The need to distinguish it from the Jeep may be due to rumours that the concept will eventually become a production model that will be sold in other markets. We can see the square-shaped, rounded LED headlights in the little video. Thar.e inscription is asymmetrically placed on the presumed obstructed grille, while the projecting bumper is left unpainted. We also catch a peek of the LED taillights, which are still quite reminiscent of the aesthetic language used by Jeep. The electric SUV idea has an unknown number of doors, but we anticipate learning it shortly.

The "Re.Born Electric" inscription on the yellow bodywork implies that the Thar.e may be based on an EV-dedicated platform rather than employing an electrified version of the current model's ladder-frame underpinnings, but the firm remains tight-lipped about specifics.

The idea may be based on Mahindra's Inglo EV design, which was unveiled a year ago and shares components with the MEB platform of the VW Group. The Mahindra Thar.e will probably have AWD capabilities in any scenario. The platform can accommodate two electric motors with a combined output of 335 hp (250 kW/340 PS), which draws power from battery packs with a maximum capacity of 80 kWh.

Fans of the brand are anxiously awaiting the five-door body style even though the ICE-powered Mahindra Thar is now only available in three-door form. Camouflaged prototypes have made multiple spy sightings showcasing their extended but comparable appearing bodywork. Be aware that the Mahindra Thar selection was increased earlier this year by the addition of RWD models to the formerly AWD-only range.

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