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Mahindra's Armored Light Specialist Vehicle

Built for use by armed services, the Mahindra Armored Light Specialized Vehicle (ALSV) is a light armored specialized vehicle. The vehicle is intended to be modular in design, enabling effective maintenance. It may also be modified or configured on the spot for a broad range of operating duties. The ALSV provides STANAG Level II ballistic protection up to B7.

For four crew members carrying a combat load, the ALSV offers protected front, side, and rear mobility that complies with STANAG Level I Ballistics and Blast standards. It also has an extra 400 kg of cargo load carrying capability. Additionally, it may be upgraded to STANAG - II Ballistics.

The 3.2 Lts, 215 HP multi-fuel diesel engine, 4/6 Speed Automatic Transmission, 4X4 with front and rear differential locks, 1,000 Kg payload capacity, self-recovery winch and high travel all-wheel independent suspension with central tyre inflation system are some of the key features of the Mahindra ALSV.

The ALSV is perfect for arid environments since it has an air filter and self-cleaning exhaust scavenging system. Its top speed is greater than 120 kph, and it accelerates from 0 to 60 kph in 12 seconds. It also includes a parking brake holding capacity for the whole GVW, 50 Km run-flat systems on all five wheels, and 30-degree gradability, all in accordance with FINABEL standards.

The 6 to 8-seater Armored Protection Vehicle for Security, Light Armored Ambulance, Command and Control Vehicle, Light Mortar 81/82mm Vehicle, and Ammunition Carrier for Light Weapons are some of the versions of the Mahindra ALSV.


Standard Options:

  • Protection Level: CEN B7 STANAG Level II

  • Multi-Layered Ballistic Glass

  • 6 Cylinder Direct Injection Engine

  • Lightweight GM Transmission

  • Double Wishbone Axle

  • Bilstein Heavy Duty Suspension

  • Air Filteration & Scavanging System

  • Gun Hatch

  • Run-flat System (As per Finabel 50km)

  • Public Address System

  • Tire Inflation System

  • Clamshell Doors


Additional Options:

  • Driver + Five Seating Option

  • Surveillance Configuration

  • In-Service GPS

  • Detachable and Adjustable Modular Racks

  • Automatic Grenade Launcher

  • Electric Winch

  • HF/VHF/UHF Radio

  • Screen and Windows Mesh Protection

  • Medium Machine Gun Mount

  • Camouflage Net Storage

  • Blast Mitigation Floor Mat

  • Tactical Command & Control with Mapping


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