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Matter Tech Day 2.0 | Innovation + User Experience On The Vanguard

Ahmedabad-based startup! Yes, Ahmedabad-based. We often hear about EV startups associated with Banglore. But, this time, I was taken aback by witnessing the development done by an Ahemdabad-based startup - Matter. The Matter Tech Day 2.0 event allowed us to check the development and understand the brands' vision and technology prowess.

Matter Group kickstarts its journey in the Indian market with a 4-speed geared motorcycle called Aera. They showcased the detailed exploded view of the bike, highlighting every facet of the bike. Matter claims to have obtained 202 patents, 63 designs, and 215 trademarks in 5 years, demonstrating their commitment to R&D. We have ridden their Aera in beautiful Rann of Kutch, so stay tuned for the initial impressions of the bike. 

The bike is all designed, built, and tested in-house. The 4-speed gearbox does provide flexibility in tunning performance with torque amplification. Matter's advanced powerpack (battery unit + BMS + DTU) has been designed with research and development in materials, magnetics and manufacturing processes, ensuring efficient integration through bus bars. The battery unit and motor do benefit from liquid cooling, the first liquid cooling system in 2-wheeler electric vehicles. Apart from that, the startup has also given enough attention to the instrument display of the bike. It has a 7-inch capacitive touch screen incorporating a host of features like map navigation, call, music, and many smart functionalities, responsible for curating connected experiences for the rider, on or off the motorbike.

"At MATTER we believe in creating unapologetic products with no limitations. We have innovated the riding experience through technology, it proves beyond doubt why AERA is a 22nd century motorcycle. Our tech patents are the testimony to our values and discipline. We will continue to push boundaries every time there is an opportunity to do so.", said Kumar Prasad Telikepalli, Founder and Group CTO of MATTER






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