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Mazda Iconic SP

One of the most well-known and adored cars from Mazda has been the MX-5, but what does the future hold for it as the electrified era approaches? In any case, the Japan Mobility Show's unveiling of the new Mazda Vision SP concept offers a peek at what the series' future may contain. Even though our first impression may make you think of the venerable FD RX-7, it gives you insight into how the Miata is developing.

A car like the MX-5 is difficult to modify, update, and improve upon; the much-maligned third-generation NC model is proof of this. Mazda sought to build a stylish, little sports car with the Vision SP that is comfortable to drive on the weekends or on regular trips to the store in addition to being well-suited for usage on a racetrack. The fact that the powerplant is twin-rotor, but with a twist, adds to the excitement.

According to Mazda, the Vision SP has a "two-rotor rotary EV system" that can run on hydrogen in addition to other carbon-neutral fuels. It has a combined output of 365 horsepower and 370 PS and can operate entirely on electricity. Additionally, the automaker claims that a family may have more than a week's worth of electricity from the Iconic SP, making it a reliable backup power source. The size of the concept car's battery pack and the number of electric motors the hybrid system employs are yet unknown.

A fiery shade of Viola Red adorns the car's seductive exterior, drawing attention to its basic lines and flowing curves. In a time when most automakers are making their new cars seem too aggressive and sharp, the design is surprisingly plain. The front end, with its attractive modern take on pop-up headlights and the recognizable smiling grille of earlier Mazda cars, is perhaps where this is best seen.

With a wheelbase of 2,590 mm (101.9 inches), the Iconic SP concept measures 4,180 mm (164 inches) in length, 1,850 mm (72.8 inches) in width, and 1,150 mm (45.2 inches) in height. This indicates that it is 10 inches longer than the present Miata. Its clever hybrid drivetrain and increased dimensions also translate into a significant increase in weight, with a final weight of 1,450 kg (3,196 lbs).  

"During the car's unveiling, Masahiro Moro, the president and chief executive of Mazda, stated that the company will consistently produce automobiles that serve as a constant reminder to people that cars are a source of pure joy and an essential component of their lives." As a car-loving firm that delivers the exhilarating mobility experience in large quantities, we are dedicated to influencing the future so that everyone may declare with pride, "We love cars," alongside our partners and admirers. Mazda has a strong commitment to improving people's lives when they are on the go.

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