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McLaren 750S | Spectrum Theme

While most of us aspire to possess a supercar, those who can actually afford to do so dream of making their vehicle unique among the thousands of other vehicles of a similar design that crisscross the world's major cities.

However, it's the type of thing that would make your typical accident repair shop break out in a cold sweat. McLaren Special Operations, the British supercar company's in-house customised customising business, has come up with one stunning approach to satisfy its clients' demands to be distinctive.

The segmented paint option, known as Spectrum Theme, changes the colour tone from bright to dark via a sequence of stripes on the dihedral doors and is only offered on the brand's new 750S, the facelifted version of the previous 720S. According to McLaren, to achieve the seven-shade finish, its paint specialists had to create new paint colours and mixes for each part. In case you were wondering, the MSO paint shop's last, seventh segment—covering the back half of the car—isn't a lovely, simple job to hammer out after finishing the tough things. The tone also shifts.

Combining the colour schemes of Spectrum Theme automobiles with additional MSO extras, such as vibrant leather trim, a dedication plaque, and expanded visual carbon fibre door sills with hand-painted Spectrum-graded effect MSO emblems, is possible. Additionally, customers may select a contrasting colour for the 750's active spoiler's underside.

McLaren has only provided us with photographs of the 750S painted in Spectrum Blue, but other colours, including Spectrum Orange and Spectrum Grey, are also available for purchase, according to MSO. The MSO crew will paint your automobile in other colours using the same technique if you have your own ideas for a new colour scheme along a similar theme. We suspect that many body shops would be eager to try to reproduce the pattern, so whichever colour you choose, you should hope that you don't have your door scratched in a parking lot.

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