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McLaren Teases Successor of the 720S

McLaren is preparing to launch a "new benchmark supercar."

The business isn't talking much about the vehicle, but they did release a short teaser video that shows the car's back end. The vehicle will sport a vented fascia as well as skinny LED tail lights, however there isn't much more to see.

McLaren is keeping specifics under wraps, but the mystery car is expected to be the 720S replacement. That remains to be seen, but the teaser seems very identical to the back end of the 720S.

The 720S was discontinued in 2022, and McLaren's President of the Americas has suggested that its replacement will be a "refinement," rather than a "next-generation, all-new, ground-up vehicle." Customers have already placed deposits on the vehicle, and it is expected to be sold out "deep into 2024."

According to current rumors, the car will sport an improved twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 that generates 740 horsepower (552 kW / 750 PS) rather than 710 hp (530 kW / 720 PS). This helps to explain why the model is anticipated to be dubbed the 750S.

It has already been stated that the car will be evolutionary, with a redesigned front bumper, wider intakes, and a larger air brake inspired by the 765LT's. The car will also include an Artura-style digital instrument cluster situated on top of the steering column.

The automobile will supposedly arrive in the US this fall and will be available as a coupe and convertible at launch. Unsurprisingly, the vehicle will not be cheap, with a starting price of $341,550, which is 10% more than the 720S.

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