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Mercedes-AMG GT2 PRO

Mercedes-AMG debuted the GT2 for gentleman racers less than a year ago, but the GT2 Pro, a somewhat more powerful variant, has already replaced it. The non-homologated race car is only available on private track days and is intended for affluent people who can afford to spend a lot of money on a really unique and pricey track toy.

The first-generation AMG GT, as opposed to the new 2024 model that was shown earlier this year, serves as the foundation for the new Mercedes-AMG GT2 Pro. It has the same 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine as the 2022 GT2 model, which produces 697 horsepower. The main distinction is that AMG now includes a Push2Pass feature, which raises grunt to 739 horses.

A six-speed sequential racing gearbox with altered gear ratios, placed on the rear axle in a transaxle layout, is mated to the increased V8 engine. The automobile only uses its back wheels to transmit power, and it also has a carbon fibre torque tube. The GT2 Pro's suspension has also been improved over the previous year's model, with four-way adjustable shocks being standard on the vehicle instead of three-way ones.

Mercedes-AMG has also added new rear wing endplates to improve the track car's aerodynamics. Additionally, it created new 18-inch wheels for the GT2 Pro, which come in two paint jobs and are accessorised with a matte grey paint job with adorning stripes and logos.

The interior of the automobile has also undergone a number of modifications. For instance, the air conditioning system, unique seat stitching, and a redesigned steering wheel with extra buttons are all included. A matte carbon fibre dashboard has also taken the place of the car's matte grey dashboard from the previous year. Additionally, each bidder will receive a personalised Bell helmet, a customised vehicle cover, and a complete Puma race outfit that comprises a personalised race suit, gloves, undergarments, and shoes.

The car will cost prospective buyers €479,000 (~$508,000), which is €70,000 (~$74,000) more than the GT2. They will be able to take part in the special track days around Europe that are part of the AMG Racing Series. For an extra cost, Mercedes-AMG will also offer complete race support in addition to other services like a personal engineer and replacement parts delivery.

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