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Mercedes-Benz Teases New E-Class

If you're looking for a new mid-size executive vehicle in the next year, you couldn't have picked a better year. Both the BMW 5-Series and the Mercedes E-Class are being replaced by entirely new models, with the Benz being the first to arrive.

Mercedes-Benz announced that the 2024 E-Class will be shown on April 25 and published a darkened profile shot of the new sedan to give us a taste of what we may expect in two weeks. The single image is consistent with the spy images we've seen over the last year, which indicate that the E-Class will resemble a scaled-up C-Class while still including certain luxury features from its S-Class big brother, such as flush-mounted door handles.

Mercedes has chosen to exhibit the car with what seems to be the Night Package with black window trim rather than the more traditional chrome, but the PHEV charging flap on the driver's side rear quarter sticks out. That doesn't necessarily imply that every model in the lineup will have plug-in capability, but Merc's phrase about "consistent electrification" in the release blurb suggests across-the-board electrification and will enable "locally emission-free driving," according to the company.

We've already reported on rumors that both four- and six-cylinder engines in the forthcoming E-Class will have either mild hybrid or full-hybrid assistance to help them fulfill Euro 7 emissions rules. However, it appears that the mild hybrids will be significantly more sophisticated than the ones found in the present E-Class, and will allow for electric driving rather than simply increasing the power and efficiency of the combustion engine.

Mercedes-Benz claims that the new E-Class will provide the same "at home" experience that traditional customers have had for years, but it also promises "seamless digital luxury" and "groundbreaking technologies." And if your notion of cutting-edge technology is having Angry Birds in your luxury automobile, you'll feel right at home in the new E-Class. Mercedes has previously shown us the dashboard of the new sedan, which incorporates a fresh take on the EQS's Hyperscreen infotainment system, but this time the digital gauge cluster is a standalone device. An app store will allow drivers to install features such as TikTok and Zoom, which operate with a new selfie camera, as well as the ability to broadcast sports, news and other multimedia content.

We'll have a comprehensive report on the new E-Class by April 25. However, don't expect to see the new six-cylinder AMG E53 or E63 super-sedans until later in the year.

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