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Morgan Super 3 | Malle Rally Special

The Malle Rally Special, Morgan's customised spin on the modern Super 3, has been revealed by the British manufacturer.

Malle London, a producer of high-end motorbike accessories and baggage, assisted in bringing the automobile to life. It is now for sale starting at £54,995 ($70,595) and was presented at the Malle Mile Festival at Grimsthorpe Castle in Lincolnshire. It is not yet known how many models Morgan hopes to produce.

There are three colour options available: yellow, red, and black. Any Morgan Super 3 Malle Rally Special comes with a specially commissioned livery that features a topographic map of Malle's preferred British mountain road, Union Flag branding, the phrase "Prepared To Get Lost" on the rear trunk lid, and a numbered roundel, regardless of the exterior paint colour selected. Each automobile also features a white exhaust, nose cone, and roll hoop.

Each automobile also has a number of extras that Morgan often offers as choices. USB connections, lockable storage, a Beeline navigation system, a rear baggage rack, heated seats, inside bungee cords, footwell illumination, and a cupholder are a few of these features.

Additionally, Morgan and Malle have worked together on a variety of clothing and automobile accessories. These products include the Malle x Morgan Jacket, the Malle x Morgan Knee Guard, and the Malle x Morgan Driver's Collection, which consists of baggage and panniers made of waterproof waxed canvas. Every Morgan 3 Malle Rally Special model has two jackets, knee protection, step guards, and panniers as standard equipment.

According to Morgan, owners will also receive an invitation to a future Malle Rally event, such as The Great Malle Mountain Rally in Europe, which crosses six nations in six days across the Alps and begins in Austria and ends in Monaco.

According to Jonathan Wells, chief design officer at Morgan, "we had envisioned the vehicle embarking on incredible adventures all over the world from the outset of the Super 3's design process." "We have been able to realize this vision and assist in empowering owners to have their own adventures thanks to our collaboration with Malle London," the statement reads.

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