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Motoverse 2023

Royal Enfield has been organizing Rider Mania for quite a while and has carved quite a niche for motorcycle music festivals. Not only are their festivals a large gathering of Royal Enfield riders from across the country, but also a display of the true essence of motorcycling culture. Covering anything and everything a motorcyclist would like or enjoy, Rider Mania has now been aptly renamed Motoverse. So I had relatively high hopes from my first ever Motoverse event, and from the moment I landed in Goa, I was handed the keys to the all-new Himalayan, which had me grinning already! Even though we stayed relatively close to the venue, I often found the longest route possible to enjoy the new Himalayan as I rode to Hill Top. All eyes were on me since the new Himalayan was yet to be launched, and many enthusiasts would often discuss what the new Himalayan was. Their ears would perk up to the sound of any positive feedback. You could tell they were waiting to get their hands on it even though what they were riding was quite different from what the Himalayan is about.

Day 1 had a lot of surprises in store for us, with the launch of an all-new Royal Enfield and the price reveal of the all-new Himalayan. Both of which had everyone on their toes. The event premises were rather vast, and walking from one end to another took great effort, especially if you showed up covered in riding gear. Fortunately for me, I wore a comfy shirt slathered with sunscreen. Goa’s humid weather needs no introduction but to see how high everyone’s spirits were despite the heat, which only raised mine. The festival was filled with a great sense of community, and everyone gathered there seemed to share their love for motorcycles and, most importantly, their love for Royal Enfield.

Inside the venue, you could find everything from tattoo artists to after-market parts manufacturers for Royal Enfield. You can even find a host of clothing brands on display, including Royal Enfield’s lifestyle lineup. Royal Enfield also had their entire motorcycle lineup on display, but what captivated me was that Royal Enfield allowed individual owners or customizers to showcase their Royal Enfields. This led to a series of some of the most beautiful renditions of an Enfield I have ever seen. Each motorcycle was a love letter to the brand that was signed, kissed and sent to this event. The craftsmanship and creativity on display were stunning, and some of those motorcycles had me hoping Royal Enfield themselves would make one.

Apart from all of this beauty, let’s remember the rich list of artists that came to perform at this event. Of all the artists, two of my favourites were Ranj X Clifr, a rap duo from Bangalore, and an indie band called the F16s, straight from Chennai.

Amidst all the music, Royal Enfield drags some of us to the side to showcase the all-new Shotgun 650. Finished in a shade of bright blue that fades to black, the motorcycle had beautiful details in its paint and was a treat to my eyes. Royal Enfield told us that only 25 units of this beautiful hand-finished shade would go on sale, and those 25 lucky individuals would be picked at Motoverse 2023 via a lucky draw. It will be available on sale for north of 4 lakhs, which may seem like a lot, but it’s a limited edition, which usually counts for a higher asking price. The motorcycle was inspired by custom bikes, and the motorcycle genre pays homage. A single seat wrapped in leather, bar end mirrors, and engine parts finished in black instead of chrome were key design features. Royal Enfield also announced the prices for the all-new Himalayan, which start at Rs. 2.7 lakh (ex-showroom India) is stellar pricing and puts it on everyone’s radar. Overall, I had a fantastic time at Motoverse 2023 and look forward to what’s to come with its next iteration.

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