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New Lexus Concepts coming our way

In the upcoming Japan Mobility Show 2023 (Oct. 26–Nov. 5) Lexus will display a brand-new concept car that serves as a sneak peek into the first next-generation BEV scheduled to go into production in 2026. The company stayed mum on specifics, but the idea may be connected to the teaser drawing for a future Lexus model that Toyota released a few months ago.

With a design that is "thoroughly focused on the Lexus characteristics," Lexus asserts that its next-generation battery EV would "revolutionize the modular structure of the car body, make significant changes to production methods, and completely revamp the software platform". Aerodynamics are emphasized on the outside, while high-quality, environmentally friendly materials are used within the cabin. Losing weight will also be crucial since it will improve productivity and performance. Remember that Toyota's executive vice president, Hiroki Nakajima, earlier stated that the next generation BEVs' design and driving characteristics will "set hearts racing."

Future completely electric Lexus cars will emphasize supplying new services while delivering a joyful driving experience. The Direct4 four-wheel-drive system and steer-by-wire, which aims for a "linear steering feel," will be key innovations. The BEV is anticipated to be supported by a new modular design that will eventually support a number of future Toyota and Lexus products. There is no information on power output estimates, however it is likely that an unknown number of electric motors will perform above average.

Toyota just released information on the next battery technology, which Lexus will probably use as well. The Performance lithium-ion battery, which is scheduled to make its debut in production models in 2026, is a strong contender for the next model. In comparison to the present battery packs, it offers a range of 497 miles (800 km) and a 10-80 percent charge time of 20 minutes while costing 20% less to make. The next phase is a High-Performance lithium-ion battery that will be available in 2027–2028 and provide a range of over 612 miles (1,001 km) while also resulting in an additional 10% increase in cost savings. Finally, Toyota's solid-state battery, which can charge from 10 to 80 percent in as little as 10 minutes, is anticipated around 2027 or 2028. 

Although we anticipate it will be more focused on displaying the external and interior design than giving away more data, we hope that the Lexus concept will give more information about the upcoming production model. By 2035, Lexus intends to solely sell electric vehicles, as previously indicated. The company has displayed electric concepts with a variety of bodystyles, including a sportscar, a huge SUV, and low-slung vehicles in sedan, hatchback, and cabriolet shapes, in addition to the RZ, which is the only BEV option available in the current Lexus lineup.

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