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Nexon EV Follows its ICE Counterpart to Get 5-Star in Bharat NCAP

The Nexon EV had high expectations going into the Bharat NCAP crash tests. Its ICE version has repeatedly proved how capable it is when it comes to keeping its passengers safe. We are happy to report that the Nexon EV has met expectations and scored a perfect 5-star in the Bharat NCAP safety ratings just like the Punch EV. Let's look into this in more detail ahead:

Nexon EV Adult Occupant Protection 

Starting with how the Nexon EV protects adults, it scored 29.86 points (93.31 per cent) out of 32 in Adult Occupant Protection. This gave it a 5-star rating, but something to note is that this is among the lowest numbers for AOP for the Tata vehicles tested by Bharat NCAP as of now. The two parts of this test are frontal impact, side-impact and side pole. 

The frontal impact test is done by crashing the front of the car into a barrier at 64 kmph. In this test, the Nexon EV scored 14.26 (89.13 per cent) points for the front seat passengers. Protection to the driver's chest was rated adequate, and the protection of the passenger's chest was rated 'good'. When it comes to the protection of the driver and passenger's thighs and pelvic area, the Nexon EV was rated good. Their tibia's protection also got an adequate rating.

The second test is a side impact test, in which a barrier hits the car at 50 km/h from the side. In this test, the Nexon EV got a 'good' rating for the driver's head, chest, abdomen, and hip protection. However, the chest region's protection only got an 'adequate' rating. 

The third test consisted of the side pole test, in which the Nexon EV offered 'good' protection to the driver's chest and other body parts. 

Nexon EV Child Occupant Protection 

When it comes to protecting the little ones, the Nexon EV achieved a 5-star rating with a cumulative score of 44.95 (91.73 per cent) points out of the total 49. In protecting an 18-month-old child, the Nexon EV barely missed the perfect figure with 11.95 (99.58 per cent) points out of 12. This was not the case with the 3-year-old child protection as it got the maximum 12 (100 per cent) points out of 12. This score has three sub-scores: the dynamic, CRS installation, and Vehicle assessment scores.  

In the dynamic test, the Nexon EV scored 23.95 (99.79 per cent) points out of 24. It aced the CRS installation score, scoring 12 (100 percent) points out of 12. Like its younger sibling, Punch EV, the Nexon EV lost 4 points in the Vehicle assessment score, scoring 9 (75 per cent) points out of 12.

Nexon EV Safety Features

The Nexon EV has a range of safety features that can be useful in an emergency. These include 6 airbags, electronic stability control (ESC), brake assist, a reversing camera, and rear parking sensors. If these don't meet your needs, you can opt for higher variants that offer a 360-degree camera, front parking sensors, rear disc brakes, and a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS).

Nexon EV vs XUV400

With a price tag of Rs 14.49 lakh and Rs 19.49 lakh (ex-showroom), the Nexon EV goes head to head with Mahindra's XUV400. While not tested yet, we expect the XUV400 to follow the Mahindra lineage of good NCAP ratings. In terms of battery, the Nexon EV comes with an option of 30 kWh and a 40.5 kWh unit. The XUV400, on the other hand, gets either a 34.5 kWh or a 39.4 kWh battery pack. The Nexon is ahead in features like a bigger infotainment panel and more connected car tech. XUV400, on the other hand, offers more space, slightly better performance and a higher range. The XUV400 is more expensive, ranging from 15.49 lakh to 17.69 Lakh. With the 5-star rating, the Nexon might snatch some customers from the XUV400.

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