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Nissan Hyper Urban Concept SUV

Nissan has introduced the first in a line of electric concept cars that will be displayed at the Japan Mobility Show, which has replaced the Tokyo Motor Show, later this month. The Nissan Hyper Urban, the first concept, is an avant-garde SUV created for "urban and suburban-based professionals who prioritize environmental sustainability."

According to the automaker, the Hyper Urban offers a sneak peek at the technology and design of Nissan's next electric vehicles. The external design is a sharp departure from the existing Nissan Ariya electric SUV and is characterized by angular surfaces and lines, which raises the question of whether Hyundai's most recent designs have been studied by Nissan's designers.

The Hyper Urban boasts a full-width LED light bar up front, along with an angular fascia that is devoid of any curves. The lime yellow paint is then contrasted with a gloss black bumper, which Nissan claims "changes chromatic expressions depending on the angle that light hits it."

When viewed from the side, the design seems to be an unusual four-door with suicide-butterfly doors at the back and butterfly doors up front. It goes without saying that such a design would be utterly unfeasible in the actual world, but this is only a notion. An angular grille and an LED light bar dominate the concept's back.

Although the Hyper Urban's inside is just as remarkable as its design, Nissan has only shared one picture of the interior so yet, which focuses on the back. We can see in this image that the concept has lounge-like seats with big ottomans and a center screen that rear-seat passengers may use. It's interesting to note that those ottomans, which may fold into the rear seats, are actually a component of the front seats.

Nissan claims the idea has a V2H function and V2G capacity but doesn't specify what sort of electric powertrain it has. Additionally, it has been built to support routine software updates and hardware upgrades. For instance, the cabin might be replaced with a new digital instrument panel that reflects "the latest technologies and trends in graphic user interfaces."

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