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Nissan Max-Out Electric Roadster | Virtual Concept to Reality

Since the 370Z Roadster was discontinued in 2019, Nissan hasn't provided a drop-top, but that hasn't prevented the automaker from introducing the new Max-Out convertible idea.

The idea was first displayed digitally in 2021 and is now a real car. It was unveiled as a part of an event promoting the future of sustainable mobility and innovative design.

Nissan didn't mention much about the model despite this, other than the fact that it was "intended to deliver a freeing sense of openness while giving an improved, dynamic driving experience." The idea "demonstrates Nissan's ingenuity to build a varied variety of innovative and stunning cars, with a clear vision of how they may benefit both individuals and society," the firm noted.

The Max-Out design is a sleek electric convertible with a fully covered grille that looks to serve as a digital display, marketing hyperbole and all. The wheel covers, which resemble wormholes, also have this finish.

A distinctly fashioned body with long flowing lines and delicate curves may be seen elsewhere. A simple windscreen and a rear panel that is similarly lighted to the front panel connect them.

Two floating chairs and optical illusion-like patterned carpeting in the cabin enhance the futuristic theme. The design also sports a yoke-style steering wheel and a large screen that combines a digital instrument cluster with an infotainment system, but the latter is headache-inducing.

Although the idea seems like a pipe dream, Nissan is trying to increase their selection of electric vehicles and will begin producing two new EVs in Canton, Mississippi, in 2025.

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