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Nissan Skyline Nismo | Debuts in Japan

Although the new Skyline Nismo and Nismo Limited models have recently been introduced, the Nissan Skyline sedan in Japan is beginning to seem antiquated. The two debuted shortly after a Nismo variant of the Nissan Z sports vehicle was also modified.

By utilising Nismo's racing technology and know-how, Nissan claims its goal in creating the Skyline Nismo models was to create a sedan that is just as comfortable as the normal model but is even quicker. The 3.0-litre twin-turbocharged V6 engine in each of the 1,000 regular Skyline Nismo models will be tuned to produce 309 kW (414 horsepower) and 550 Nm of torque. Three driving modes are available for the vehicle: Standard, Sport, and Sport+, the latter two of which have modified gearbox settings to speed upshifts.

The vehicle also features new Enkei 19-inch wheels with high-performance tires, a specifically adjusted suspension, and stabilisers to minimise roll and maximise traction. Engineers at Nismo also modified the brake pads' substance.

A few cosmetic adjustments have also been made. As an illustration, the vehicle features updated front and rear bumpers with vivid red highlights, Nismo insignia, fog lights, and a redesigned front grille to optimise cooling. The black Recaro seats, red-ringed tachometer, new leather-wrapped steering wheel, and numerous suede-covered bits of upholstery make the interior distinctive as well.

The Nissan Skyline Nismo Limited, which has a manufacturing limit of just 100 units, is distinguished by its matte gunmetal painted rims, engine plaque bearing the name of the engine manufacturer, and special serial plate bearing the production number and a distinctive emblem.


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