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One-Off Ferrari KC23 Concept

Did you find the new Ferrari SF90 XX to be eye-catching? Check out the KC23, the business' newest one-off. It is a track-only toy created over three years for one of the brand's "most passionate collectors." It is based on the 488 GT3 Evo, the company's most successful racing vehicle ever.

The KC23, created by Ferrari's Special Projects division, is the latest in a long line of one-offs, including the SP51, based on the 812, and the SP48 Unica, which started with a F8 Tributo. But unlike other automobiles, which were primarily made to be lusted for, this one is meant to be driven—and driven hard.

According to Ferrari, the glass and light clusters and every single line on the 488 GT3 Evo were modified. Highlights include a massive rear wing and motorised air vents on the sides that fold away when not in use to keep the design as tidy as possible. At the same time, the car is parked, and butterfly doors are typically only found on Ferrari hypercars. Once the owner has completed his hot laps, the wing may also be removed, and in that position, your eyes are pulled even more forcefully to the rear light bar inspired by the concept of Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo's rear end.

The vehicle includes two sets of wheels, which would make more sense if it were a road-legal track-day vehicle. It includes four 18-inch rims and slick tires for track usage, and a second set of wheels consists of two 21-inch front tires and two 22-inch rear tires for simply looking lovely in the garage or while the car is on display.

Although the outside of the new Evo is drastically different from the original, the interior is still quite similar to the racing car's cockpit. That indicates that it has a complete cage, a steering wheel with a yoke design, a fully digital instrument panel, and a unique centre console with several buttons. However, to provide the impression of luxury, the bucket seats are coated in Alcantara, and three cameras are used for the rear view, sending pictures to three displays hanging from the top.

It's unclear exactly how much power the 3.9-litre turbocharged V8 is making, but now that it's not constrained by the same race constraints that held the donor vehicle down to about 592 horsepower (600 PS), it's churning out at least the same 661 hp (670 PS) as a 488 GTB that can be driven on the road.

The KC23 gives a "tantalizing glimpse of the future of supercars," according to a phrase in Ferrari's publicity materials. However, which specifics will appear on the next Ferrari road vehicle is still being determined. The KC23 will be displayed at the Goodwood Festival of Speed from July 13–16 and at the Ferrari Museum in Maranello from August 1–October 2. If you want to see it for yourself and decide which parts you'd like to see, make it to production cars that cost about a tenth of the millions of dollars this owner undoubtedly paid.

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