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Pininfarina Pura Vision Concept

This is the Automobili Pininfarina PURA Vision design concept, which the automakers claim "introduces a pioneering new era of electric luxury" and will be unveiled in front of the general public this month during Monterey Car Week.

The Battista hypercar inspires the PURA Vision design idea and has the appearance of a very svelte Coupe SUV. Due to the daytime running lights using the company's thin L.E.S.S. nanofiber lighting technology, which is composed of fibres less than 1mm thick, and the presence of concealed headlights, the Italian automaker defines it as having a "distinctive face." We can surely agree with that assessment.

While different components of the bottom body are completed in exposed carbon fibre, the top section of the idea is finished in Bianco Sestriere Gloss white. The vehicle's unusual design is most noticeable from the side and top views, where the enormous glasshouse immediately draws the eye. Also installed are a set of enormous 23-inch wheels that are shod with tires that have a white stripe. One noteworthy feature is the glass roof's central ring of LED lights, which is intended to seamlessly connect the back window and the windshield.

For the PURA Vision, Pininfarina's designers also built a series of gullwing-like doors called "Lounge Door" apertures. These doors give easy access to the roomy four-seat cabin, which is made possible by the car's centre pillarless form.

Speaking of the interior, the front seats of the automobile have a low seating posture and seem to float. A sizable digital instrument cluster can be seen in front of the steering wheel, and a rotary dial to the right of the wheel is the gear selector. The door panels are precisely joined to the dashboard by the dashboard, which then smoothly bends over the interior. A vertically oriented infotainment display may be seen in the centre spine. The 30% Nativa wool and 70% recycled polyester trademark fabric used on the headliner, upper seatbacks, and the centre console is a major component of the interior.

Automobili Pininfarina CEO Paolo Dellachà stated, "PURA Vision is the bridge from our present to an exciting new chapter in the history of Automobili Pininfarina." "We have already honoured our distinctive legacy in our fifth year by introducing the Battista Edizione Nino Farina. By applying our PURA design ideas to a whole other class of vehicles, PURA Vision provides a glimpse into the exciting future.

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