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Porsche's Future Electric Roadmap Revealed | Macan EV To Launch In 2024

German auto giant- Porsche, widely known to rev up the hearts of a true breed of enthusiasts, is now set to focus its resources and energy on electrifying its product portfolio. In its annual press conference, Porsche reported the company's target to achieve 80 per cent of electric vehicle sales by 2030. 


Porsche is set to launch an electric version of the Cayenne by 2026, followed by the 718 in 2025 and the Macan EV by 2024. The specifications and details have not been revealed, but the Cayenne EV will be based on the same Premium Platform Electric (PPE) architecture underpinning the Macan EV. Moreover, CEO Oliver Blume confirmed that the company is planning an all-electric SUV – codenamed K1 – positioned above the Cayenne Electric. The K1 electric SUV will be based on the Scalable System Platform developed by the parent company- Volkswagen, which also holds around 75 per cent of shares in Porsche.  


"We also plan to expand our product portfolio upwards – with a new all-electric SUV, with a performance-focused character, above the Cayenne. This is a new car concept – with a characteristic Porsche flyline, impressive performance, automated driving functions and a new interior experience." says, Oliver Blume, Porsche and Volkswagen Group CEO


According to a few reports, The Porsche K1 is expected to be launched by 2027 with a synchronous electric motor, high-performance battery and rapid-charging technology. It is expected to come with four-wheel steering offering up to 5 degrees of turning angle for the rear wheels to improve manoeuvrability at low speeds and agility at higher along with an electronic differential enabling torque vectoring between each rear wheel.


Porsche still projects that its ICE vehicle will be on sale along with its EV counterparts. Moreover, 20 per cent of its sale will come from ICE vehicles by 2030. The talks of developing new-age vehicles with hybrid technology are still underway, and Porsche has yet to release any official statement on it. Still, with the ongoing trend, any auto major will hop into the sustainable and practical approach to diversify and multiply its business, and for now, EVs are that trend. 




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