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Porsche's Renndienst Makeover of the VW ID.Buzz

It will please fans of the Renndienst vans, which once provided assistance for Porsche's racing teams, to hear that there is a contemporary iteration based on the totally electric Volkswagen ID. Buzz. Eight copies of the new Renndienst were made by Porsche Netherlands in honor of the automaker's 75th anniversary this year, and they will be shown at Dutch Porsche Centers.

Naturally, the unique ID. Like its T1 and T2 forebears, Buzz units are painted in the distinctive Burgundy Red color with contrasting white Porsche and Renndienst graphics on the doors and rear side windows. The livery is definitely hip and perfectly complements the electric Volkswagen van's retro-futuristic design. The ID was shot by Porsche Netherlands. Buzz Renndienst and a Taycan Sport Turismo in complementary colors made for a fairly good two-car combination.

The Volkswagen ID. Buzz 1st Max serves as the foundation for all eight cars, which means they are all passenger variants rather than the more practical cargo van. In any event, the vehicle is powered by a 201 horsepower (150 kW / 204 PS) rear-mounted electric motor, with its energy coming from a 77 kWh battery. The ID. Buzz Renndienst will be employed as shuttle buses and attend events for advertising after spending some time at the Porsche Centers showroom.

In 1954, the first Porsche Renndienst was used as a support truck during the Mille Miglia event. It was designed after a T1, and it included room for the tools and replacement components used by the racing crew. In order to support iconic race cars like the 904, 908, 910, and 917, several models based on the VW Transporter (T1 and T2) were employed throughout the 1950s and 1970s. These vehicles traveled tens of thousands of kilometers from track to track. The sturdy air-cooled vans provided as temporary lodging for the engineers and other team members in addition to serving as mobile repair stations. Several of the remaining Renndienst are currently on display in museums or kept in good condition in the garages of Porsche enthusiasts.

Volkswagen ID, although Porsche's own Vision Renndienst idea, which was developed in 2018 and unveiled in 2020, is more athletic, Buzz Renndienst at least made it through the prototype stage. Although Volkswagen has acknowledged that an ID, Porsche has made it plain that it is not interested in vans. For those who desire more performance but don't want to sacrifice space, Buzz GTX has two electric motors. The Volkswagen ID.Buzz owners who saw Porsche Netherlands' advertising activity can decide to choose a similar livery.

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