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Posche Recalls All Taycans to Fix Brake Issue

Porsche is recalling Taycan models across the globe that were manufactured since its launch in 2020. The reason behind this is a braking issue that Posche found in a small amount of the cars, while insisting that the car is safe to drive. Porsche has claimed that 31,689 cars have been affected while the global count isn't released yet. For reference, The total sales of the Taycan have exceeded 150,000 globally.

Problem with the Taycan 

Porsche has found a certain problem with the front brake hoses. In a small amount of the models, these hoses were developing cracks that lead to the brake fluid getting leaked. As the brake fluid is responsible for accurate braking, the leaked liquid leads to lesser brake pressure and a deviation from perfect braking. 

To know if a car has this issue, the users can check the brake warning light on the dashboard. If found, they are expected to take the car to the nearest dealership. If the a red light appears, they shall cease using the car and contact Poshche’s customer care. According to the quantity of fluid leaked, the car will show messages like “brake fluid low” and “PSM failure.” If neither of these shows up, the car is good to use. 

The issue majorly happens when the car is parked and the user gets a yellow warning message on the dashboard when they car is not being driven. 

Solution for the Taycan Problem

Porshe has said that it will write to the owners inviting them to visit a car dealership near them and get the brake hose replaced. The total time required for this replacement would be around 2 hours, with no charges attached and also no effect on the car warranty. These letters will be sent out on 3rd July. While Porsche has claimed only 1 percent of the cars have faced this issue, the meagre amount is also enough for it to react. To prevent such an issue from happening in the future, Porsche has plans a component redesign that will enhance the bending radius of the front brake hoses, significantly reducing the stress that leads to cracking.

Taycan 2025

Porsche had recently unveiled the Taycan facelift globally that is set to get updates to both the interior and exterior. It gets evolutionary updates on the outside, like new front and rear bumper, fresh air intakes, new tail lamps, and aerodynamic alloy wheels. On the inside, it gets a new digital instrument cluster, a larger infotainment panel and a third screen for the passenger. The new version will get a 10-80 percent charge time of 18 minutes, 0-100 kmph acceleration time of 2.4 second and a claimed range of 678 km. This is possible due to a new motor with a 105 bhp bump in power and new battery options of 89 kWh and 105 kWh. 

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