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Reise Moto TrailR Tyres | Initial Impressions

India is filled with not-so-experienced off road riders like me, and to venture out with confidence, one needs tyres that are inspiring enough to make you believe in trying hard - and in that regard, the Reise TrailR set of tyres scores all the essential positive points. Well, too bold to start the initial impressions report with a conclusion, right? But, Why not? My off-road riding skills are not up to mark, and if tyres help me complete the trail in one piece and even encourage me to do more, then it's an accomplishment in itself. 


About The Brand

Reise Moto is a joint venture between Mahansaria Group and European motorcycle tyre brand Mitas. Both brands have been in the market for a long time, whereas the latter has been manufacturing tyres for over a century and has been a prominent name in the global market. The manufacturing expertise of the Mahansaria group, coupled with the knowledge pool of the Mitas brand, is about to start its ambitious journey in India with a variety of on- and off-road tyres for motorcycles and scooters. We had initial impressions of the trailR dual-purpose tyres fitted on the RE Himalayan. We had a bit of off-roading at the 19 Degree North Adventure Park at Amby Valley City.

About The Tyres

The TrailR tyres have a unique thread design with Directional crossover blocks. The rubber void ratio of 50:50, along with wider groves and thick blocks, provides much-needed grip on off-road terrain. The thread pattern progressively reduces towards the shoulder, thus helping out with better cornering. With a wider footprint area and a stiffer carcass with multi-compound tread technology, TrailR tyres have everything right in theory to be a perfect companion for your/our next off-road adventure.

About The Experience

Our off-road experience started on a small uncomplicated off-road track with multiple hairpin curves and loops over irregular terrain. Once acclimatized with the bikes and tyres to some extent, we headed on to the main hardcore section of the off-road trail. The off-road patch has everything to make it more difficult - from significant rocky hurdles to lose soft gravel. From a mountainous incline to a steep decline, the track has everything to make our ride hard. Thankfully, TrailR tyres felt adequately grippy and confidence-inspiring, pushing me to go hard and a bit fast. I didn't fall off during my entire trail ride, thus establishing how capable the tyres were.Moreover - with a proportional block pattern, it provides maximum traction. The braking felt sure footed without any sign of traction losing out. When ridden over a rocky gravel patch, the bike slides slightly but not vaguely and uncontrollably by any means. Even when I was descending from the sloppy patch, I was monitoring my front brake pressure gently; For once I grabbed the brake hard and the good part was- the bike still didn't slip, thus proving the grippy nature of the tyres. And mind you- all these off-road adventure trails were performed on tyres inflated to road pressure.

Please note- We have tested these tyres strictly under the 19 Degree North Adventure Park premises. The on-road capabilities of the tyres still remain to be tested. Reise Moto promised to send us tyres for an in-depth review, so our detailed report on its on-road capabilities and longevity will follow soon.



Reise Moto likes to call itself an enabler of experiences, and whatever time I had with them on the off-road track, they truly meant it by providing an aspirational purpose to enthusiasts riders. All-in-all, the off-road capabilities of the tyres felt quite confident inspiring. The time of their entry into the Indian market shows considerable optimism, as the demand for adventure two-wheelers is expected to grow significantly. And the brand aspires to capture the market with niche usage that will cater to unmatched demand for premium performance-driven users. The quest to fulfill the adventure fun on two wheels can only be more promising with dedicated tyres, and TrailR tyres are optimal choice for that purpose.


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