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Rolls Royce Cullinan | Mansory Edition in Nardo Grey

Audi first released Nardo Grey in 2013, but over the past ten years, its appeal has grown to the point that other automakers, like BMW and Porsche, also offer it or shades of grey that are incredibly close to it. Nardo Grey has been increasingly popular in the aftermarket, and Mansory chose it for its most recent Rolls-Royce Cullinan build.

This Cullinan has undergone such considerable modifications that it cannot be mistaken for a regular, everyday Rolls-Royce. Since Mansory painted over the whole front grille to match the rest of the SUV's exterior, the front looks very striking. It also has LED blue lights behind the grille to highlight it.

Additionally, a new bumper has been added; while it isn't exactly tasteful, it is unquestionably less objectionable than some of the others we've seen from Mansory over the years. Additionally, Rolls-Royce has recognisable LED daytime running lights.

The aero disc wheels, painted to match the SUV's body, are the first of several adjustments made to the Cullinan's sides. Along the flanks of the Rolls, just below the window line, is also a vivid blue pinstripe. Additionally, Mansory has created additional skirts for it. A diffuser, four tailpipes, a slight lip spoiler, a noticeable rear bumper, and a roof-mounted spoiler complete the outward changes.

Its interior has also undergone a thorough renovation from top to bottom. Bright blue leather is used for the centre console, door panels, steering wheel, and dashboard top. There are also several carbon fibre embellishments spread throughout. The interior, including the front and back seats, is primarily covered in black leather, with blue elements like piping, stitching, and seat belts.

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