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Rolls Royce Is A Murderer! | The V12 Coupés Are Dead…Almost!

Sad news guys…

Rolls Royce, our favourite luxury marque in all of Goodwood has now decided to murder their V12 coupé, the Wraith. It is in continuation of their commitment to switch to pure electric power. I mean WTF!

After giving 10 years of love and attention to our beloved Wraith, they have gone behind the curtain and murdered it in cold blood. The one last iteration will be the Wraith Black Badge Arrow (god, that’s a long ass name, so let’s just call it the RRWBBA. Shall we?) They call it “the fitting finale”.

The design of the RRWBBA is inspired by the Thunderbolt from 1938. A vehicle that broke the then land speed record by travelling 575.33 kmph. Damn that’s fast for 1938! Good job on that one guys!

Oh yes, so the RRWBBA is almost entirely trimmed in black and silver because of its inspiration from the Thunderbolt. It also gets glass particles infused into the paint finishes, bumpers, wheel pinstripes, V-struts, Spirit of Ecstasy and a plethora of engravings. All of which, are finished in yellow. What I really love about the interiors is the small metal model of the Thunderbolt in a glass case set behind the iDrive selector in the centre console.

To further the inspiration from Thunderbolt, the insides of the car gets open-pore wood lining on the doors that resembles the Bonneville Salt Flats, where Thunderbolt set it’s record. The interior roof lining gets Rolls Royce’s famous starlight headlining. And the sky is now clearer than ever inside the car because there are over 2,100 fibre optic ‘stars’ inside the car. Fun fact, those stars are arranged in the position of the stars on the night of 16th September 1938 – the night of the record.

In typical Rolls Royce fashion, the car’s technical specs and price have been kept hush hush but what we do know is that the regular Wraith Black Badge produces 632hp and 870Nm of torque. The figures on our beloved RRWBBA are likely to be a smidge higher.

The Rolls Royce CEO did say something about the shift to electric attracting a new type of clientele, but who really cares about some obnoxious dressed-up hillbillies that are out to destroy the car community with their constantly whining machines they call ‘EVs.’ So I’m just gonna skip that!

The RRWBBA is limited to only 12 examples and all are accounted for. So if you want a Rolls Royce branded coupé, too bad, the next one will be powered by the same fuel that runs your telly!

It is a car that I want to love, but I can’t knowing that it’s the last of its kind! Which is why, I believe it belongs on a plinth, as a memory of what Rolls Royce once was. A brand with balls that is!

So, to sum up, Rolls Royce is a murderer, they tried making up for it with a good machine, but in the end, they are still murderers! 


Words: Sresht Garg

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