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Super Car Club Garage Unveils GS Design | To Customize Luxury Cars

Mumbai's Super Car Club Garage, owned by Gautam Singhania, has entered the luxury car customization business under the name of GS Design. Under this venture, 'GS Design' will provide exclusive personalized customization options for any car. For now, GS Design has showcased its potential with the complete interior transformation of the Innova Crysta and Force Traveller. It appears that GS Design is making significant strides in entering the industry and could potentially challenge the current market leader, DC Design. It will be interesting to see how this competition unfolds and what benefits it may bring to the industry as a whole.

GS Design has showcased its converted Innova Crysta, wherein the 2nd and 3rd-row seats have been completely revamped into a cabin that feels like a lounge. The lounge gets two captain seats with all the comfort features and a TV unit whose sizes warry from 32 to 55 inches depending on the budget and customization package. The interior gets proper separation from the front-row seats, and one enjoys complete luxury in privacy. The car would be used by affluent buyers, politicians and business tycoons, thus getting all the connectivity equipment like wifi and telephone. Point to note - No structural rigidity or safety would be compromised while the transformation of the car. Innova crysta would be around Rs 45 lakh (including the price of the vehicle). The prices may vary with the level of personalisation and luxury one opts for. GS Design would provide a 1-year warranty service to its customers. 

"GS Designs is the epitome of our luxury from Super Car Club Garage. This one of its kind offering in the country is set to raise the bar of automobile customisations by through options that reflect one's own personality. In addition to the services offered by SCCG such as restoration, customisation and fabrication services, GS Design will elevate the entire automobile experience treating every vehicle like a work of art. Given the significant years behind us in this journey. GS Design, SCCG will ensure every auto owner's passion for their vehicles reflects into their daily lives.", says Gautam Singhania

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