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This Company is Winning the Solid State Battery EV War- No its Not Tesla

We have recently seen a lot of innovation in the EV world. From increasing ranges to higher performance. None of these, however, stand in importance in front of solid-state batteries. This technology is one of the most significant innovations that might increase range and reliability while also decreasing the charging times of EVs. Naturally, all the automakers in the world are in a race to adapt this technology to their EVs. Chinese Automaker SAIC might beat everyone in this. Let's dig deep into the info we have about SAIC's solid-state batteries. 

SAIC's Solid State Battery Plans

SAIC Motors has announced that they are working on developing solid-state batteries and they plan to make it available by 2026. This will be ahead of any other automaker in the world. These plans came out while in the New Energy Technology conference. 

The change will come in all of the EVs that its brands will produce. For reference, SAIC owns brands like Maxus, Rising Auto, and Roewe. One of the biggest brands under it is MG motors. (Yes, the one that makes the MG Hector). MG had recently introduced the cyberster EV roadster and the EX181. 

First EV with Solid-State Battery in 2024

If the latest reports are to be believed, the first SAIC EV powered by a solid-state battery will be the IM L6. This EV will be sold in China from October and will rival the Tesla Model 3. It might get a range of 998 km after a single charge. SAIC developed its 900V ultra-fast-charging solid-state battery with its subsidiary, Qingtao Energy. 

The Solid State Battery Competition

If everything goes as planned, SAIC is the frontrunner when developing solid-state batteries for EVs. Toyota has the upper hand regarding the patents related to solid-state batteries. They expect to mass-produce solid-state batteries by 2030. The same applies to BM, which plans to introduce it with Neue Klasse EVs. Another Japanese automaker, Nissan, has set an earlier deadline of 2028. Volkswagen might have reached its target even earlier with its partnership with QuantumSpace. It has already shown the world its work in the form of a prototype that claims to outdo expectations like the reliability of the batteries. Which company will make the best solid-state batteries EVs, in your opinion?

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