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Toyota Crown | The OG JDM Sedan

Since the 1950s, Toyota has offered the Crown brand as part of its range. However, in order to remain relevant in a market that is growing less interested in sedans, Toyota redesigned the mid-size car and turned it into a family of four that comprised a crossover and two SUVs.

We believe Japan may be keeping the sedan version to themselves, but the crossover is already available for purchase in the United States, and it appears that one of the SUVs will soon be arriving in North American showrooms as well. It's unfortunate since the car is attractive, with a low-slung, streamlined design and a wheelbase of 118.1 inches (3,000 mm) that should provide plenty of internal room.

You can see what sort of market Toyota is targeting by the fact that it claims the rear seat room fulfils "the need of chauffeured cars." Since the comfort of its passengers is a top priority, the Crown has amenities like motorised sunshades, wood-grain interior design, and interior lighting modelled after traditional Japanese lanterns. It also has adaptive suspension for a smooth ride.

The drivetrains are modern and provide customers with the option of hydrogen or hybrid power. Fuel-cell Crown is based on Toyota's Mirai and has a remarkable range of 510 miles (820 km) when all three of its tanks are full, which takes only three minutes. It may also be utilised as a power bank to recharge electrical items in your house.

In terms of hybrid technology, the Crown Sedan is the first Toyota to be equipped with a brand-new 2.5-litre multi-stage system that makes use of stepped gears and two motors. The engine can now reach its maximum power at just 27 mph (43 km/h) as opposed to 87 mph (140 km/h) thanks to this new configuration. More significantly, though, considering the Crown's luxury mandate, it means that engine rpm remains low at high speeds, which helps cut down on noise and fuel consumption.

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