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Toyota FJ-Bruiser Concept

Based on a 1966 Toyota FJ45 pickup truck, Toyota is commemorating the return of the Land Cruiser moniker to the US at the SEMA Show with an absurd concept. They call it the FJ Bruiser, and it's an unstoppable off-road vehicle that blends classic styling and current technology to climb rocks.

The enormous 42-inch BF Goodrich Krawler T/A KX tires, set above 20-inch Method beadlock wheels, make the gleaming body of the 1960s truck seem little. These additional parts, together with a completely reworked trailing arm suspension with Fox shocks and Eibach springs, greatly improve ground clearance. Furthermore, the original undercarriages have been replaced with a roll cage, a tube chassis, and a stronger frame.

Examining the underbody exposes a Camso track on the belly that is controlled from the cockpit. Without a winch, this function will help you escape even the most difficult rock-climbing situations.

Complete Customs remodelled the two-seater cabin, paying homage to the original with a lot of plaid-themed upholstery. A 1968 Jackie Stewart championship steering wheel, a few antique toggle switches, and a large display in the centre are all mixed with the Momo Daytona Evo seats. Even yet, the centre console, dashboard, and door cards are still unpainted and share the same paint job as the body.

A modified 358 cubic-inch V8 engine from TRD's current NASCAR Cup Car powers the off-road vehicle. The V8's power may reach 725 horsepower (533 kW / 735 PS) thanks to many modifications, and its loudness is ensured by a MagnaFlow exhaust system.

Rancho Drivetrain Engineering's 3-speed automatic transfers power to the wheels with the use of front and rear Currie differentials, as well as an Advanced Adapter Atlas transfer case with four 2WD and four 4WD levels. According to Toyota, the FJ Bruiser can reach speeds of up to 266 km/h (266 mph) in the highest gear and crawl at 12 mph (19 km/h) in the lowest gear while maintaining the same 7,000 rpm revs.

Among the attractions of Toyota's SEMA display, this year will undoubtedly be the FJ Bruiser, as the exhibit will feature "more than 19 accessorized vehicles, builds, and concepts." Based on a 1967 FJ45 Land Cruiser Wagon, the FJ Retro Cruiser is another intriguing retro-themed idea. A collection of movies that show off the creation of both FJ-branded SEMA builds are available below.

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