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Toyota FT-Se Concept

Toyota unveiled the FT-Se at the Japan Mobility Show in Tokyo this week, after preview of an interesting electric sports car concept last week. The vehicle is said to be as a concept automobile that teases "one of the options for sports cars" that Toyota is considering for the post-carbon future.

There are many who’ll agree that the FT-Se is really attractive. Rather than clearly drawing design cues from the existing Supra and GR 86 sports cars, Toyota appears to have refined the 2021 GR Sports idea, creating a sleek, aggressive, and—dare we say it—sexy idea. Because of the massive air intakes and blacked-out grille, together with the LED lights, the front end instantly grabs attention.

Sharp angles on the front quarter panels and a cabin form reminiscent of the Lotus Evora contrast with the pointy snout. The concept's athletic vibe is further enhanced by the dramatic rocker panels, flat door handles, and small wing mirrors, as well as a set of complex wheels perched atop a pair of red brake calipers.

Toyota claims that the GR-branded concept's "cutting-edge silhouette" was designed to minimize aerodynamic drag, and it certainly looks that way, especially with the molded rear quarter panels that smoothly transition into tiny fins that house the thin LED taillights, which help the vehicle cut through the air. A striking diffuser and a ducktail spoiler resembling the Supra's are two further features on the back. Additionally, Toyota has displayed an FT-Se variant on a racetrack that has a fixed rear wing fastened to the rear window.

The FT-Se's interior is every bit as stunning as its outside. A yoke steering wheel with two portrait screens on either side of it that show key infotainment and vehicle features is placed in front of the driver. The car also has gorgeous blue Alcantara-covered Recaro bucket seats with carbon fiber backs and a digital instrument cluster. The center console, bottom portion of the dashboard, and door panels are similarly covered with a complex blue weave that appears to be made of plastic.

The Japanese automaker has only confirmed that the concept is a battery-electric car and has not disclosed any additional details regarding its engine. It states that it enables software upgrades to "grow with the driver" and integrates the knowledge that Toyota Gazoo Racing has acquired in previous years from the motorsport world.

According to Toyota, mobility solutions in the future will become more than just means of transportation; they will be tightly matched with the lifestyles of its owners. "Evolve into one-of-a-kind cherished vehicles by offering the joy of personal ride customization, as well as convenient functions for stress-free browsing of local area information while onboard," is how the FT-Se and other similar cars are described.

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