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TVS Recalls iQube in India

TVS Motor has recalled the iQube electric scooter due to some technical issues. These scooters were produced between July 10,2023 and September 9, 2023. The number of units affected is not sure yet but the sales number amounts to 45,000 units. If you too own a iQube that you bought between August and October 2023, then your scooter would be eligible for a recall. 

How TVS is Tackling it

TVS claimed that it is connecting with the customers either directly or through its dealer network. They further clarified that the inspection and any necessary rectifications will be carried out swiftly to minimise inconvenience to customers. They said they will organise appointments in a phased manner for conducting the inspection. They will also work with the customer to schedule appointments, service the vehicle quickly and return the next day.

When it comes to the solutions that are being deployed, we got to know that TVS can replace the component but TVS will carry it out as a vehicle specific exercise. TVS claims that majority of the scooters will only need replacing parts, they plan to replace the chasis if required. The recall will not bring a load on the customer's wallet.

In its official release, TVS stated that the exercise is “to ensure that the vehicle's ride handling is good over extended usage”, we doubt that it has something to do with the recent video of a TVS iQube with a broken chassis that went viral. The saving grace for TVS is that  the issue affects a particular batch of scooters, and the reason behind it could be a faulty batch of components instead of an inherent design flaw in the iQube. The swiftness of the when it comes to the recall soon after the issue surfaced is a good plus in the situation. 

About the iQube

The TVS iQube is one the most successful electric scooters from TVS with 187,181 sales in 2023 itself. It is powered by a hub-mounted motor with a peak power output of 4.4 kW. The battery pack used by this motor is in two choices: a 3.4 kWh or 5.1 kWh Li-ion battery pack that is IP 67 rated for water and dust resistance. It has a variant specific range, the iQube S offers a maximum range of 100 km and the iQube ST offers a maximum range of 150 km on full charge. The maximum speed of the scooters is 78 km/h. 

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