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Volvo EX90 Excellence | Swedish Excellence at its finest !

If you thought the Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV was a touch too extravagant, you might be more interested in the Volvo EX90 Excellence.

The EX90 Excellence, shown at the Shanghai Auto Show, will sit at the top of the line-up and take the "premium experience to the next level." While the majority of the improvements are on the inside, the flagship shines out with a two-tone paint job and distinctive 22-inch wheels with an eye-catching design.

Of course, appearance takes a back seat because the EX90 Excellence is all about the back seat. Volvo, in particular, touted the crossover as a "perfect companion if you prefer to relax in the rear seats rather than drive yourself."

So, what characteristics does this ideal companion possess? Two separate rear seats replace the typical second and third rows. An attractive center console with a wooden top panel that opens to show a refrigerator separates the seats.

Below is another wooden part with an integrated touch display for simple access to the heating and massage settings for the chairs. A giant Orrefors crystal serves as a switch to regulate the scent dispenser for passengers. The latter generates three distinct fragrances, with the "sensory experience being amplified by corresponding mood lighting."

Customers can select from wool or Nordico upholstery. While the wool looks fantastic, Volvo stated that the Nordico upholstery is eco-friendly since it is "made from textiles made from recycled material such as PET bottles and bio-attributed material from forests in Sweden and Finland."

Highlights include individual temperature controls and comfortable cushions that assist in cradling your neck. A drawer and a 14.5-inch multimedia system for front-seat passengers are also seen.

Volvo didn't reveal much else, but it did disclose the crossover sports, a dual-motor all-wheel-drive system and a CLTC cycle range of up to 404 miles (650 km). The EX90 Excellence, according to the manufacturer, is the "safest four-seater we've ever built" because it boasts an "invisible shield of safety enabled by our latest sensing technology."

The EX90 Excellence will be introduced in China to fill the need for "high-end, chauffeur-driven cars." The model will ultimately be available in other markets, albeit there is no timeframe at this moment.

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