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Yulu and Kinetic Green Energy battle in court over "Zulu"

Bangalore's famous shared electric two-wheeler company, Yulu, has dragged Kinetic Green Energy for its 'Zulu' brand. Read ahead to find all the details of this case.

What are Trademarks?

Trademarks are symbols, phrases, or words that brands use to differentiate a product. They help customers identify the source of a product. An example of this is the model name 'Swift,' a trademark of Maruti Suzuki. 

What is the case about?

It all started when Yulu filed a case in the lower court against Kinetic Green Energy for their "Zulu" and "Kinetic Green Zulu" brands. They intended to get an ex-parte ad-interim injunction from the court. This legal term describes a temporary restraining order, where the court acts quickly after considering only one side's argument. The local court refused this request and permitted Kinetic Green Energy to present their side. 

Yulu Moves to High Court

Yulu was dissatisfied with the local court's decision. They appealed the Karnataka High Court against the order. The High Court gave an order for a temporary injunction on February 5. This order restrained the use, sale, and advertisement of any products with the trademark 'YULU' and related trademarks, or in combination with other words and any mark similar or deceptively similar, including 'ZULU' and 'Kinetic Green Zulu'.

In reply to the court diktat, Kinetic Green Energy submitted that the order is "working great hardship". They requested the High Court to give an earlier hearing date and allow them to present their objections sooner. Yulu's lawyers did not object to the expedited hearing schedule. Still, they made their stance clear on continuing the temporary injunction throughout the period when a decision wasn't made.

As both parties agreed, the High Court ordered the Commercial Court to decide on the interim applications by March 11, 2024.

Is this the only case?

This case is another example of companies filing against each other for trademarks. Some other known cases of the Indian auto industry for trademarks include the 'T' letter case of Tata vs TVS and the Ford vs Mahindra case on Thar's design. 

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