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2023 Updated Xpulse 200 4V Launched | Prices Start At Rs 1.44 Lakhs

If you ever ask an off-road junkie in India about his favourite accessible machine for honing skills and exploring the wildest terrains, then chances are he may suggest KTM Adventure or Hero Xpulse 4V. The former might be expensive to some, but the Xpulse is an absolute favourite among the masses, thanks to its value-for-money quotient. We even have one as our long-termer; truth be told, it is one of the most loved bikes from our TG garage. Well, now, with a few updates, it has got even more desiring than before. 


Hero Xpulse 4V is now OBD-2 and E20 fuel compliant, wherein now the engine can run on an ethanol-blended gasoline mixture of up to 20%. And because of the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) , self-diagnostics becomes easier as that helps detect any errors or malfunctions in the vehicle and brings it to the user's attention via a malfunction indicator light (MIL). The engine remains the same, and no tunning is being made to deliver more performance. It still features the same 200cc, single-cylinder, oil-cooled, four-valve engine that churns out 18.8bhp of peak power at 8,000rpm and 17.35Nm of peak torque at 6,500rpm. 


Hero Xpulse 4V will now be available in Base and Pro variants. The prices of the Base variant start at Rs 1.44 lakhs, and the Pro variant comes at Rs 1.51 lakhs (all prices ex-showroom, Delhi). The base variant carries the same hardware as the ongoing version. In contrast, the Pro variant is basically the Xpulse 200 4V Rally that was earlier offered in the Indian market in limited numbers. The pro version gets a fully adjustable front and rear suspension with more extended travel. Other notable advantages include- a taller seat height, increased ground clearance, and a handlebar riser. It also gets an extended gear lever and a longer side stand. Xpulse 4V now comes with an updated rider foot peg position which is lowered by 35mm and 8mm rear set. The riders' triangle is also updated for better comfort. 


The functionality of Hero Xpulse 4V has also been improved with an updated luggage plate to secure bungee hooks and mount the luggage. USB charging port is also relocated to the dashboard, providing practicality and convenience for charging devices on the go. Updated Xpulse 4V gets a headlight unit that now includes a Class-D LED projector headlamp with LED DRLs, claiming to deliver an increased light intensity for better illumination. Also, the Pro variant gets a new 60mm taller Rally-style windshield to offer improved windblast protection. Switchgears have also been updated for a more premium feel. 


Hero Xpulse 4V now comes with 3 riding modes - Road, Off-road and Rally- varying in how the system intervenes with its single-channel ABS. The base variant has three dual-tone colour schemes – Matte Nexus Blue, Techno Blue, and Black Sports Red, whereas the Pro variant comes with Rally Edition graphics to distinguish it from the standard model. 

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