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5 Reasons to Pick Taisor over Fronx

On April 3, Toyota launched the Taisor, essentially a rebadged Fronx. As with Rebadged models, the cars are the same on almost all fronts. Now you must be wondering which one I should pick. Considering the Fronx is cheaper, that's a better choice. But wait a minute, Taisor has some tricks up its sleeve; here are the 5 of them:

1) Looks

While the dimensions and basic design are the same, there are subtle differences in how the two SUVs look. The Taisor looks more modern with its linear LED DRLs and trapezoidal honeycomb grill. The taillights also get some changes. The last and most noticeable change is the design of the 16-inch wheels. 

2) The Toyota Badge

While we know Toyota is not doing anything but adding its badge to the SUV, the badge still counts. This badge is associated with trust and reliability worldwide, and Taisor will be no exception. If brand value is what you are looking for, we'd pick a Toyota over a Maruti Suzuki.

3) After Sales Worries

It is no secret that Toyota has one of the country's best after-sales. Once you buy their product, you can be assured of a good experience during maintenance. While Maruti Suzuki is slightly behind, Toyota beats it by a slight edge.

4) Second-Hand Market Value

While we have not determined how the Taisor will do in the second-hand market, we know how Toyota badge magic works. Ask an Innova owner, and they will tell you how some even sold their second-hand Innovas at the same price they bought them. This will be a significant factor that puts the Taisor ahead of the Fronx.

5) Bold Colors

Aren't we all bored of the whites and blues? If you want your car to be of a unique colour, then Taisor is the pic. It has two bright colours, Lucent Orange and Sportin Red. While you can also get an Opulent Red in the Fronx, it doesn't look as lively as the Taisor.

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