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Aprilia RS 457 Accessories Prices Revealed - Combined, It Could Get You a Pulsar N250!

No need to rub your eyes or wash the fog away because yes, you read that right. Aprilia has released the prices of RS 457 accessories, which is a strange bag filled with sweet and sour candies. While some seem priced fairly, others have pretty over-the-top prices. If you add up the prices of all these accessories, you will get a figure of around 1.61 Lakh, which will comfortably get you a Bajaj Pulsar N250. Let's take a detailed look at them!

Top and Bottom Rankers

Regarding the most expensive accessory, the crown is taken by the Electronic anti-theft assembly, which will cost you INR 75 short of INR 30,000. Let that sink in. This is closely followed by the front brake lever protection, which is Rs 100 cheaper. Aprilia’s tagline is ‘Be a Racer’ and if you indeed want to be one, the bi-directional quickshifter will set you back by INR 27,799. If you wish to tour with your RS 457, TPMS is something that might come in really handy but it will set you back by INR 28,749. The most affordable option is a taller windscreen, which will feel light for the pocket as it is priced at INR 899. These accessories are being imported instead of manufactured in India, which increases their price further. Some other well-priced options include a passenger seat cowl for Rs 1499 and a USB charger for Rs 949.

List of Accessories

Accessory Name Price
Tall Windscreen Rs 899
USB Charging Rs 949
Passenger seat cowl Rs 1,499
Helmet lock (wire type) Rs 1,899
Adjustable brake lever Rs 5,449
Front axle protector Rs 8,725
Racing brake pads Rs 9,349
Bike cover Rs 16,875
Bidirectional quickshifter Rs 27,799
Tire pressure monitoring system Rs 28,749
Front brake lever protection Rs 29,825
Electronic anti-theft assembly Rs 29,925

About Aprilia RS457

The Aprilia RS457 is one of the most popular motorcycles in the 400-500cc segment, and it debuted in India in December 2023. It is powered by a 457cc, liquid-cooled, parallel twin-cylinder with four valves per cylinder, producing 48 hp of power. It costs around 4.10 Lakhs in India. You can read more about it here
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