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Bentley Continental GT Revealed: This Car With Eyelashes Looks Classy

We have a new Bentley in town. After a series of teasers about the new hybrid V8’s sound and looks, Bentley has now revealed the new Continental GT and its convertible version, the GTC. The platform remains the same, but there are some updates to the previous generation. So, what does the fourth generation of the Continental GT offer? Let’s find out.

Powertrain of Continental GT

Starting with the exciting part, the new Continental GT gets a fresh plug-in hybrid V8 instead of the outgoing V12, which has powered the car since 2003. It is a 4-litre unit, capable of churning out a power output of 592 Bhp and 800 Nm of torque. Supporting this engine is an electric motor that can produce 187 Bhp and 450 Nm torque integrated into the gearbox. This brings the total output to 771 bhp, a 99 bhp increase over the V12. The torque also increased by 100 Nm, helping it cross the 1,000 Nm mark. Paired with the engine is an 8-speed automatic gearbox which sends the power to all 4 wheels. Active torque vectoring is controlled by the centre differential and the brakes on each axle.

Performance Figures of Continental GT 

The V8 Hybrid can power the Bentley Continental GT to 100 kmph from a standstill in 3.2 seconds. Going from 0 to 160 kmph takes 6.9 seconds, and it can sustain this increase in speed up to 335 kmph. The EV mode also allows it to reach 160 kmph up to 75 per cent. The range of the all-electric mode is 80 km. 

Design of Continental GT

The most significant change in the new Continental GT is doing away with the signature dual headlight setup. Instead, it uses a singular oval headlight on each side, which has a single strip DRL that resembles an eyelash. Inside these headlights is a diamond pattern, adding to the luxury. On the centre is a grille with a diamond-like mesh that gets a radar dome and camera for ADAS features. There is also a centre crease that is found in all of the GTs from before. The side shows its long bonnet and flared rear fenders. It rides high on 22-inch wheels, which come in multiple designs. The rear now does not feature a rear spoiler, giving the GT a classier look. They were able to do this because of the flared boot lid, which acts as an integrated spoiler. The tail lights look similar except for an increased size and a sloping windscreen. 

Interior of Continental GT

There are not many overhauls on the interior of the Continental GT. Elements like the push-pull AC vents and triple rotating centre panel still find their place. The triple rotating panel gives you the option of analogue dials, a solid surface to camouflage in the dashboard and a touchscreen. The seat layout is of the 2+2 type, with an armrest separating the two rear seats. The seats get diamond quilting and the ‘Speed’ badge embroidered on the headrests. The Continental GT now features an ADAS suite with an ‘environmental awareness’ display. You can see all the surroundings on this screen. The GT now gets built-in apples like Spotify along with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It is further enriched with connected car tech along with pre-cooling and heating of seats and interiors. 

India Launch of Continental GT

The Continental GT is expected to hit the Indian shores by the end of the year with an expected price tag of 6 crore. It will lock horns with the Aston Martin Vanquish and Ferrari 12 Cillindri.  

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