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BMW CE 04 Electric Scooter Arrives in July

Forget the concept scooter looks, the BMW CE 04 is already a reality in international markets. This futuristic design is a major selling point for this electric scooter. But what's with the name? Let's break it down: C denotes BMW's C Series scooters, E stands for evolution (or maybe "electric"), and 04 signifies it competes against petrol-powered scooters in the 400cc segment. Launching on July 24, the BMW CE 04 will be the brand's first electric scooter in India, and it appears to be in a class of its own with no competition.

A Bold New Design

BMW Motorrad went all-in on a boxy yet contemporary design. The front features a blacked-out panel contrasting the scooter's body colour, with the LED headlamp tucked low beneath the apron. The handlebars detach from the instrument cluster, which sits alone with a wind visor behind it, just like maxi scooters typically have. At 2,285 mm long, 1,150 mm tall, and 855 mm wide, the CE 04 manages to be compact yet roomy.

Speaking of space, the flat, bench-like seat starts from the front tunnel and seems to float at the rear. The standard seat height is 780 mm, but an optional comfort seat can bump it up to 800 mm. BMW claims there's enough storage for a full-size helmet, though it opens from the sides interestingly. There's a prominent central tunnel, but the footboard appears generous based on the images. The ultra-modern design continues through to the rear end.

Features and Specs

As mentioned before, the BMW CE 04 features a 10.25-inch TFT instrument cluster that's separate from the handlebars. This screen can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth for navigation and music control. The scooter packs an 8.9 kWh battery and a 15 kWh permanent magnet liquid-cooled synchronous electric motor, generating a peak power output of 42 hp and 61 Nm of maximum torque. BMW claims a range of 130 kilometres and a top speed of 120 kilometres per hour. Other hardware includes telescopic front forks, a rear monoshock, dual 265mm front discs with a single 265mm rear disc for braking, and 120/70 front and 160/60 rear tyres mounted on 15-inch wheels. With city riding in mind, the specs seem likely adequate.

Heated grips, TPMS, keyless start and go, traction control, ABS, a Type-C charging port, an electronic reverse function, and three riding modes are just some of the additional features, with some being optional.

BMW Mottorrad’s radical electric scooter! The BMW CE 04 is expected to be priced at least 10 lakh or slightly higher when it arrives in India.

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