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Citroen Basalt vs C3 Aircross: How Different is the Coupe?

Seems like Citroen is finally done with the C naming scheme for all its cars. They have given their upcoming mid-size SUV offering the name Basalt. The brand will have high expectations with it after the lukewarm response they have received from Indian buyers so far. The Coupe-SUV gets fresh design upgrades over its predecessors. What are these, and are they for the good or the worse? Let's find an answer by comparing it to its closest sibling, the C3 Aircross. 

Similar Front

We will be honest: If you saw the front fascia of the two side by side, you might confuse one for the other. There are some differences, though, the most notable being the Basalt's smoked projector headlamps compared to the C3 Aircross' halogen unit. The space between the two parts of the grill is the second difference. It is body-coloured in Basalt and black in the C3 Aircross. 

Poles apart side profile

The two Citroen SUVs share design cues up to the front door panels. After that, the Basalt brings its A-game into play. The C3 Aircross has to make space for the third row of passengers, which influences its design. Its roof flows horizontally, almost at the same height up to the rear, and appears to float. A larger window allows the passengers to better look at the surroundings. It also gets cladding on the doors.

The Basalt has an opposite approach to this. It has a coupe-like design, which means the roof slopes into the rear. This slope also appears in the window shape as it becomes narrower towards the rear. The cladding here is above the wheel arches instead of the doors. This cladding is glossy black with a squarish look. The Alloy wheels also have a fresh design when it comes to the Basalt. 

Similar yet Different Rear

The rear does not have the problem of individuality because you will easily be able to tell the two SUVs apart. The C3 Aircross has a more SUV-like rear with a boxy look. The windscreen wraps around the edges, making space for small windows for the last row. A black element connects the two rear lamps. The bumper is dual-toned too. 

With the Basalt, you will find a boot that looks more like a hatchback or sedan than an SUV. The rear windscreen is smaller, does not wrap and slopes down at an angle. The LED tail lamps give it a distinct look. The rear bumper does not try to do that, as it is the same as the C3 Aircross. 

All other Differences

The Basalt does not bring any surprises on the performance front, featuring the 1.2L turbocharged petrol engine that produces 110 hp and 190 Nm of torque. This engine will be coupled with a manual and a torque convertor automatic gearbox. The interior might also follow the same trend. Citroen says they will shell out more info about the Basalt by mid-year and release the car in the second half. Do you think the Basalt can make a dent in the sales of the Hyundai Creta or Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara?

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