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Did BMW show the electric cars of the Future?

BMW has introduced a new, radical design for its Vision Neue Klasse X Electric SUV concept. This will lay the foundation for Future BMW electric vehicle designs. What are the key attributes of this design? How does it differ from its previously launched sedan concept? We will answer all of that in this article. 

Design at core

The talking point of the town with this concept is how it is entirely different from the current generation. The first eye-catcher is the new–look kidney grill, a much-needed change from the larger-than-bonnet grilles in BMWs. It consists of two tall and thin parts that remind you of the classic Neue Klasse sedans and coupes we saw in the 1960s. It stands out more because of the LEDs fitted in it, giving it a 3D look. 

BMW has tried to keep it close to the concept, with key attributes like no exterior cladding and badges being taken forward. You will also find a BMW logo inscribed into the bonnet. Whether this will be a part of the car that goes into production is yet to be seen. It also has new L-shaped tail lights at the rear. 

Powertrain Talk

BMW has kept the details of the performance secret for now. What we do know is the efficiency gains that this model will bring. It claims that the sixth-generation eDrive system, new tyre design, and EV-centric braking system will increase efficiency by up to 25 per cent and the range by up to 30 per cent. The eDrive system comprises new motors and round lithium-ion batteries instead of colorful ones. 

The batteries themselves carry 20 per cent more energy than the current generation. The architecture, rated at 800V, helps it charge 30 per cent faster than the 105 kW available in the iX3. There is also a claim of aerodynamic drag reduction of a significant 20 per cent when put against a ‘comparable’ current model. The software front is handled by four high-performance computers, including the ‘heart of joy’ system. BMW calls this ‘heart of joy’ a ‘superbrain’ that controls the dynamic functions of a car. They have developed it in-house. This system can handle up to four motors at once, presenting a future option for AWD in M models/ 

Futuristic Interiors

The interior of the Vision Neue Klasse X seems quite aspirational in concept. We expect the dashboard and infotainment in it to make its way to production. You will find a large central touch screen at the center. While you must be used to seeing that, the unique part is the BMW Panoramic Vision mirroring technology. This projects the content all across the windscreen so that all the passengers can watch it. It looks pretty futuristic, coupled with a three-dimensional heads-up display and haptic controls on the steering. 

BMW wants to simplify your interactions, and for that, they claim to have surveyed thousands of drivers and analyzed data from 10 million existing cars while designing this interior concept. On the sustainability front, they have used a new plant-and-mineral-based, petroleum-free surface material in the center console and door panels’ lower section. Furthermore, some components use recycled marine plastics from discarded fishing nets.

Launch Timeline 

The production vehicles that will bring the Vision Neue Klasse X to reality might see the light of day in international markets next year. BMW plans to produce them in Debrecen, Hungary. They are tight-lipped about pricing. Do you think this concept is an enticing prospect for the Future?

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