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Fiat Reveals Grande Panda: The Retro-Modern SUV

Fiat has showcased the new generation of the Panda SUV and also released some information about it. This car, which is in its fourth generation, has gotten an update in name, looks, and features. Now called the Fiat Grande Panda, the SUV features a new retro-modern design language with two powertrain options. One part of it that is very familiar to us is the platform it is based on. The Common Modular Platform (CMP) underpinning it is the one used by all the Citroen models in India. 

Platform of Grande Panda

Being from the same family of Stellantis companies, Fiat and Citroen share many aspects, like platforms. The CMP platform used in the Grande Panda was initially developed for the developing market but now also forms a base for various global models. This platform is versatile, allowing it to be used for both ICE and electric cars. The shared platform makes the Grande Panda a close sibling to the Citroen C3.

Design of Grande Panda

The Grande Panda production model is very similar to the concept, retaining its retro proportions and Panda branding on the side. It takes a minimalist approach while also looking rugged. On the front, there are pixel-style headlights that take inspiration from the windows of Fiat's old Lingotto factory in Turin. That's not the only inspiration the factory gives, though; the car also reveres the factory's rooftop test track by adding oval elements all over. Fiat also claims they have reduced the weight and cost of some parts that give the car an airier and spacious vibe. Some other noteworthy bits of the car are the heavy front skid plate, fresh roof rails and black body cladding. At 3.99m, the length of the Grande Panda is 0.3m more than its previous generation but falls below the  4.06m segment average. 

Interior and Powertrain of Grande Panda

Fiat has not revealed the interior of the Grande Panda. Still, it has claimed that it will be "perfect for contemporary urban mobility."

On the powertrain front, the Grande Panda will get a couple of options. The electric option will be the international C3's 200 km and 327 km range system. The other version is a mild hybrid arrangement with a 1.2L 3-cylinder turbo petrol engine at core producing a combined output of 100 bhp. 

Production Timeline of Grande Panda

Fiat claims that the current generation of the Panda sold in Europe will be dubbed Pandina and stay in production until at least 2027. To meet customer demand, production will be increased by 20 per cent. When it is sold this summer, it will receive updates to the safety functions, a new driver panel, and new steering. 

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