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Five things to expect from Pulsar N250 2024

Pulsar is completing 20 years in the Indian market. To commemorate this, Bajaj is planning to update the Pulsar N250. They have sent out the invites for the event that will take place on 10th April, where the updated N250 is scheduled to show its face. Here are five things that we expect from the new flagship Pulsar:

1) New LCD Panel

Bajaj has decided to ditch the traditional instrument cluster. The new Pulsar N250 might feature a modern and informative LCD. You can see a range of information, such as gear position, trip meter, and fuel gauge, making the overall riding experience even better. It's also slated to get Bluetooth connectivity.

2) Better Suspension

The front suspension will get an overhaul, with upside-down forks (USD forks) that will help make it sportier and more stable. This suspension might be borrowed from the NS200. No change is expected on the rear, as it might still get a mono-shock unit. 

3) Safer Braking 

The Pulsar will get petal disc brakes for both wheels. The introduction of the ABS feature will increase the safety of these brakes. It will offer multiple modes in ABS. These are:

Maximum ABS Intrusion:  This mode has the maximum braking intervention for optimal control.

It will help on rainy or wet surfaces.

Balanced Braking: This mode has a slightly delayed ABS engagement, allowing you to perform more hard braking manoeuvres.

Rear Wheel ABS Disengagement: This is the mode in which the rear wheel ABS is wholly deactivated, and the rider can perform slides. 

4) Segment First Traction Control

No bike in this segment can claim it offers traction control. The Pulsar N250 will give it an edge over its rivals. Traction control uses sensors to check if any wheel is losing grip on the road, and it reduces power to that wheel. It might appease the new riders who want a layer of safety backing them. 

5) Fresh Design

While we don't expect it to look radically different from its predecessor, there might be some cosmetic changes to its design. New colours on the bike will further enhance its visual appeal.

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