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GAC To Launch Avion Hyper GT on June 6

GAC has revealed that it will launch the Aion Hyper GT electric sedan on June 6 as a 'Global Model'. This will be the new generation of the Hyper GT, which first came out in July 2023. It comes with an advanced 800 volt charging architecture and can give a range of 710 km in a single charge. Does this EV have the might to take on the Tesla Model 3? We don't know that yet, but below is all that we know about it.

The Hyper GT 

The Hyper GT was the first battery-swappable model from the GAC house. Built on the AEP 3.0 platform from GAC, it competes in the medium-size sedan segment, with it being 4886 mm long, 1885 mm broad, 1449 mm tall and has a 2920 mm wheelbase. It is powered by a rear electric motor producing about 335 bhp and 434 Nm of torque. This motor derives its power from an 80 kWh battery. It can manage a 0-100 km/h acceleration in 4.9 seconds. The claimed range of this EV is 710 km on a single charge.

Its interior has tech features, including a 14.6-inch touch screen, an 8.8-inch LCD instrument panel, and a Dolby Atmos sound system. Its cool bits include scissor doors and a drag coefficient of 0.197 candela.

It was priced at around 25.25 lakhs.

About GAC

GAC is a giant Chinese state-owned automaker that was founded in 1954. It is headquartered in Guangzhou, China. It is currently ranked number five in China. The company manufactures and sells vehicles under its sub brands like Aion, Hycan, Trumpchi. GAC might be looking to enter the overseas market using the term global model. This is further proven by the fact that C has been recruiting Tesla's laid-off Supercharging Am in the United States. GAC Aion sold 28,113 vehicles, which was 31.45% lower year-on-year. The total sales of Hyper's three models were just over 1,000 units, with the Hyper GT taking the top step, with a sale of 584 units in April, which increased 43% month-on-month.

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