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Is the Renault Duster making a comeback in India?

If someone said Renault, what is the first car that would cross your mind? An overwhelming response will be the Duster. A creator of a segment that the Creta and Grand Vitara dominate presently. The Renault Duster might make a comeback to the Indian market. When and in what form? Read ahead to find out. 

Renault and Nissan Planning 5-Seater SUV

While the Alliance partners did not mention the name, they said they are working on 4 new cars. 2 of these would be 5 seater and the other two 7 seater. This will be produced in the Chennai factory of the alliance. They plan to invest 600-700 million dollars on this plant.  Whether this will be named the Duster or not remains to be seen. These SUVs will use the CMF-B platform. 

When is it Coming?

When we'll see these coming remains to be seen but Renault CEO did assure they'll come out in similar time frames. He expressed that the models are being developed parallely. The Alliance is also open to exporting from India. 

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