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MV Augusta Unveils Enduro Veloce

MV Agusta is back with a new product: an adventure tourer named Enduro Veloce. This is their first bike since they sold their 50.1% stake to the owners of KTM, Pierer Mobility AG. Let's look at how it flows into their new offering or does it?


The Enduro Veloce features a 931cc inline-3 cylinder engine with four valves per cylinder. It uses the crankshaft to counteract the gyroscopic effect of the wheel rotation, which in the real world leads to better handling. It is a light engine at 57 kg. This engine can produce 124 bhp along with 102 Nm of torque.

Futuristic Tech

It features a ride-by-wire throttle with rider aids controlled by an IMU. You can ride it in four modes: Urban, Touring, Off-Road, and Custom All-Terrain. Traction control is also quite complicated, offering you eight levels: five for the road, two for off-road and one in case of rain. You can also calibrate the bike according to the tyres you are using. Features like launch and engine brake control also make their way into this bike. Cruising on the highways is also simple with the help of cruise control. You will find a 7-inch HD TFT display with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for all speed and control purposes. You can use it for navigation and route recording through the MV ride app on your phone. The ignition is also keyless, with LED lights guiding you in the dark.


The Enduro Veloce has a double cradle steel frame, removable steel subframe, and aluminium swingarm in its chassis. Its wheelbase is 63.4 inches, similar to the Ducati DesertX. It weighs around 224 kg. The suspension has Sachs units on the front and back. The brakes are Brembo Stylema disc brakes on both ends. It has a ground clearance of 230 mm and a tall seat of 870 mm. 

Rivals and Delivery Timeline

The Enduro Veloce will lock horns with bikes like the Ducati DesertX and the KTM 890 Adventure. Its deliveries are likely to start in October 2024. We dont expect it to come to India in the near future. 


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