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Range Rover Sport SV Celestial Collection Revealed: Mythology and Celestial Bodies on Wheels

Land Rover has showcased the new SV Celestial Collection series for the Range Rover Sport. This series takes its inspiration from mythology and planetary bodies. It has five models under it: Gaea, Theia, Io, Vega, and Sol. Each gets a unique paint job, upholstery, trim inserts, 23-inch wheels, carbon ceramic brakes, and a carbon fibre bonnet.

Gaea Curation

The first version of the collection is the Range Rover Sport SV Gaea Curation. This model is inspired by Greek Mythology, with Gaea being the name of a primordial Greek goddess who represents Earth. This version is dedicated to Earth, with its Green Terre Matte gue combined with unique elements like a satin carbon fibre exhaust finisher and bronze-finished brake callipers. The model also gets a unique Gaea badge. 

On the inside, users can choose between Araway Windsor leather upholstery with Kvadrat steel-cut backboards mated with brown birch wood finishers and a tonal stitch or take a without leather Ebony and Cinder Grey upholstery with darker birch wood inserts.

Theia Curation

The Second variant is Theia Curation, which gets its name from Titaness, the daughter of Uranus and Gaea. The Theia name means ‘sight and shimmering light’. You can see that in its Ilmenite Grey Satin paint finish, which incorporates hints of metal flakes. Its alloy wheels get a gold finish. 

The interior of this version is available in either Ebony and Ecru or Ebony and Pimento Windsor leather. The dashboard trim inserts have a unique finish. 

Lo Curation

Third on the list is the Io Curation, which is inspired by Jupiter’s moon Io. It gets a unique orange Cyllene Gloss paint finish. JLR claims this changes colour according to the angle of light, paying homage to Io’s regularly changing surface. What makes it stand out even more are carbon fibre exhaust finishers and carbon fibre wheels. 

Its cabin offers the option between Ebony and Lunar Windsor leather or a lighter-tone Ebony and Rosewood.

Vega Curation

The fourth variant is the Vega curation, which takes inspiration from the star of the same name from the Lyra constellation. It has a special Verrier Blue hue contrasted by a black roof and exposed carbon fibre on the bonnet, wheels and exhaust. 

On the inside, users can choose between a light or dark theme. The Ebony and Perlino leather with cream ash burl trim finishers represents the light side, and the Raven Blue and Ebony paired with black birch finishers represents the dark side.

Sol Curation 

Last but not the least is the Sol Curation. It takes its inspiration from our dear Sun. As expected, it has a beautiful Aurora Yellow gloss paint that gives the SUV a greenish-yellow hue. It goes perfectly with the black roof and exposed carbon fibre elements on the exhaust and the wheels.  It takes a more subtle approach on the inside, with upholstery options being the Navy Windsor leather with light contrast stitching or a leather-free ebony upholstery with yellow stitching.

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