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The First Electric Mini John Cooper Works is coming soon

The new Mini Cooper SE proved that it can be both fun and true to its heritage without relying on exaggerated power figures. This electric Mini will maintain the brand’s signature driving experience, demonstrating that it can still feel like a Mini, regardless of its power source according to the manufacturer. The Cooper SE’s performance is impressive on paper, with a power output of 214 bhp and 330Nm of torque, achieving a 0-100 kmph time of 6.7 seconds.

However, Mini enthusiasts have even more to anticipate with the upcoming Mini John Cooper Works (JCW) E, marking a significant milestone as the first-ever electric JCW model. The JCW badge has long been associated with the highest-performance Minis since BMW revived the iconic small car in the early 2000s. This new model represents a strategic step in Mini’s evolution, combining the brand's rich heritage with electric technology.

The JCW E prototype, set to debut later this year, is expected to surpass the Cooper SE in performance, although specific powertrain details remain under wraps. It is anticipated to deliver higher power and torque, improving the SE’s impressive figures. The JCW E will likely shave off a few tenths of a second from the SE’s 0-100 kmph time, underscoring its enhanced performance capabilities.

The prototype, featuring a distinctive camouflage designed by the MINI Design Team, includes renditions of racetracks from around the world and the iconic “37” logo. This emblem commemorates Mini’s historic victory at the 1964 Rallye Monte Carlo, celebrating 60 years since the Mini Cooper S triumphed in the event. This nod to Mini’s rich motorsport tradition adds a layer of nostalgia and significance to the JCW E’s development.

Fans and automotive enthusiasts will get their first glimpse of the JCW E prototype at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, taking place from July 11 to 14, 2024. The car will tackle the famous hill climb, showcasing its capabilities and providing a preview of what the production model will offer. 

The Goodwood Festival of Speed will be an important platform for Mini, demonstrating the brand's commitment to electromobility. The JCW E’s debut at such a prestigious event underscores Mini’s confidence in its new electric performance model. The final version of the JCW E will be unveiled later in 2024, free of camouflage.

For those who prefer traditional powertrains, Mini has confirmed that the future John Cooper Works lineup will include both petrol and all-electric models. This ensures that Mini caters to a broad range of customer preferences. The petrol-powered JCW will be revealed alongside the electric version later this year, expect from the JCW badge!

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